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Helping STR to grow

  • 51 - 200 Employees
  • 5,500 sq ft
  • Southwark

STR is the source for premium global data bench marking, analytics and marketplace insights. STR already occupied a large part of the first floor at the Blue Fin Building on Southwark Street, but due to an increasing headcount and growth plans, they decided to refurbish their existing office space and acquire extra space on the same floor.

Having previously delivered the JustGiving office in the same building, we partnered with STR to refurbish their office space to cope with their increasing headcount. This demand for space had also led to a requirement for more meeting space and a more centralised tea point which would enable staff to socialise and eat lunch together. By adding more meeting spaces and a large social area in the middle of the office, STR wanted to create a more connected culture to bring their staff together and encourage them to break away from their desks. The office has been designed to maximise the natural light which streams through the windows, helping to brighten the office space.

To enable STR to remain in occupation during their office refurbishment works, over a 7-week programme, we worked outside of hours and on weekends to minimise disruption and ensure STR could keep their business running at optimum levels. Once works were complete, the separating wall was removed to unite the two spaces and complete the final works.

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Soft furnishings in STR's front of house waiting area
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Creating additional meeting space

One of the most important additions to the STR office was the meeting space. Having grown their headcount, the limited number of meeting spaces was insufficient to support the business. The refurbishment enabled us to add in three new meeting rooms and two additional meeting spaces, with a pod and a scrum space. Each meeting room is named after an area of London with striking artwork which features the location of the room.

As more people would be using the space, noise transfer was something we wanted to reduce across the rest of the office. We installed ceiling hung acoustic panels which helps to reduce noise transfer to the surrounding desks and add visual interest to the space. The newly designed lounge space benefits from the ceiling to floor windows of the Blue Fin Building and natural light streams in to uplift this relaxing, modern space.

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Technology enabled meeting room for STR
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Collaboration and meeting booth in STR's workplace

Office refurbishment in situ

By uniting the old and the new office space, the natural flow of the architecture branches around a corner so to retain the feeling of connection and integration in the office. The new lounge space connects the office and acts as a natural meeting point and multipurpose space. Our in-house furniture team installed a selection of armchairs, sofas and high benches which provides STR with a social space.

This additional office space gives STR staff a far more diverse range of meeting areas to choose from and better supports their work. Having the option of small and large meeting spaces, alongside the phone booths and informal spaces, means their office space is working far more efficiently. The tea point was refreshed to create a larger space which would provide staff with another area to integrate and communicate. The tea point sits at the heart of the office and naturally draws people together. The glass partitions allow a visual connection on to the office floor which promotes a greater sense of space and a more open atmosphere.

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Soft furnishings and stool seating in a collaboration and social space
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Brightly coloured seating in STR's kitchen and tea point
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