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Navigating the complexities of an office fit out project can be challenging, but we’re here to help. At Peldon Rose, we have decades of cross-sector experience working with a wide range of companies to deliver intricate, inspiring and empowering workplaces. Learn a little bit more about what's involved and discover how we can help you along the way.

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What is an office fit out?

The term ‘office fit out’ refers to the process of creating or transforming an office space to meet specific functional, aesthetic, brand and business requirements. It is a comprehensive process involving the design, development, planning, and construction of a workspace within a new or existing office.

An office fit out can vary in scope dependent on a number of factors, including; the nature of the business; industry, location, working styles and culture and each project is tailored accordingly.

Why should you undergo an office fit out?

Why should you undergo an office fit out?

Working with a design and build partner, an office fit out is an opportunity for you to take a space and make it your home. There are several reasons why you might choose fit out over other routes. These may include:

  • Customisation – You want a space tailored precisely to your needs.
  • Expansion or relocation – You’re moving to a new space that requires a new design and fit out.
  • Brand alignment – Aligning the space with your brands identity and culture.
  • Functionality – You need a space that is configured to optimise productivity, utilising the space to its maximum potential. Ultimately, the decision between an office fit out and office refurbishment depends on the extent of changes required and your specific goals for your workplace.

What is the office fit out process?

Whilst each project is bespoke to support a business’ unique needs, timescales and budget availability, an office fit out will typically follow these fundamental steps:

Understand your needs and develop the brief
View and test fit the building
Draw up the design
Develop a plan of works
Map out the costs
Build your workspace
Provide long-term maintenance and ongoing support
Understand your needs and develop the brief

We’ll examine your current situation, what you’re not getting from your current workspace and help you to discover what your business and people need to create a clear brief for the project.

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View and test fit the building

We’ll come with you to view potential spaces and produce test fits to demonstrate if – and how – each space can accommodate you and your specific needs. Once you’ve chosen your new home, we’ll conduct feasibility studies and draw up space plans to further stretch its potential. If you’ve already found your new office location, we’ll familiarise ourselves with the space to understand how we can unlock the potential within.

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Draw up the design

Our concept and technical designers will work together on creating a workplace design that speaks to your brand, considering both aesthetics, practicality and space maximisation to make the space as efficient as possible. We’ll work with you to alter and finesse this design until you’re completely happy with it, bringing it to virtual reality through visuals.

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Develop a plan of works

Working within your timescales, we’ll develop a full programme of events and key milestones within the project.

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Map out the costs

We’ll draw up the costs, presenting you with all your options and giving you the information you need to make informed choices.

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Labourers on a building site cutting materials
Build your workspace

We’ll bring your vision to life as we move forward with the build phase of the project.

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Provide long-term maintenance and ongoing support

We’ll visit as and when you require to keep your new space looking as it did the day you moved in. Whether your space needs a fresh coat of paint, mechanical and electrical maintenance and checks or replacement lightbulbs, our dedicated maintenance team are here to support you.

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Office fit out FAQs

What is the difference between a Cat A and a Cat B fit out?

A Cat A fit out takes an empty space (shell and core) and involves the installation of essential mechanical and electrical systems to make the space a usable blank canvas. A Cat B fit out builds on a Cat A space; it is the design and build of everything within that canvas, from floorplans to finishes. Read more about Cat A and Cat B fit outs here.

How much does an office fit out cost?

Many factors can influence the cost of a fit out, including the extent of the brief, your particular project aspirations, and the base-build that you are inheriting. For a personalised assessment of your needs and budget, let’s connect for an informal discussion. Contact us to find out more.

How long does the usual office fit-out project take?

The duration of an office fit-out project varies based on its scale and complexity. To answer this question more definitively, let’s talk about your needs so that we can share an indicative timeframe. Contact us to find out more.

Why partner with Peldon Rose for your office transformation?

At Peldon Rose, an office fit-out project isn’t just about the design and build; it’s a collaborative relationship between us, you and your stakeholders. Our team are alongside you at every stage of the journey, from viewing buildings and uncovering your needs to choosing finishes, delivering the build before keeping your space in perfect working order, every single day.

Our expertise gives you the insight you may be missing, and our dedication to quality is motivated by a commitment to deliver an exceptional workplace experience from the day you move in, and every day after.

Peldon Rose worked closely with us to understand our concept, brand and values. Our business focuses on long-term sustainability and demands excellence in everything we do. We are delighted to have a welcoming, practical and contemporary workspace that is fit for the future.

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