Office maintenance

At Peldon Rose, our dedicated office maintenance team provides you with continuity of service and ongoing support following the completion of your office refurbishment or office relocation project. By providing maintenance to your systems and spaces, our experts help to protect your investment and extend the life of your workplace. We can also provide a standalone office maintenance service even if we haven’t carried out the design and build of your workplace.

Why is office maintenance vital for your business?

You have invested considerable time and resources into the creation of your new workplace, but the hard work doesn’t end once it's complete. In order to ensure your workplace delivers on its promises for your people and business, it’s important that the systems and spaces are kept in optimal condition. Our dedicated office maintenance team provides:

  • Expert care for all your facilities and services, including mechanical, air conditioning, electrical, water, gas, fire, security and small works
  • Assurance that all the complicated legal building compliance procedure and regulations are taken care of
  • A dedicated maintenance contact, so you’ll always know who to call on, at any time of day
  • An extended lifespan for your equipment and reduced downtime if something needs fixing

Why choose Peldon Rose for your office maintenance?

Our goal is to ensure your new workplace provides an exceptional everyday environment for your people and business. Ensuring everything works properly is essential to that ongoing success.

For this reason, we consider the long-term maintenance of our workplace from the outset of your office relocation or refurbishment project. We integrate our office maintenance professionals in early conversations and decision-making, and ensure they have a firm grasp of the nuances of your office’s systems and spaces.

When it comes time to hand over your workplace, our office maintenance team is well-positioned to provide a seamless continuous service, ensuring your workplace is reliable and functional not just on day one, but every day moving forward.

What office maintenance services do we provide?

We keep your building services running at optimum levels and significantly reduce the likelihood of breakdowns. Our ongoing planned and preventative office maintenance, as well as 24-hour-a-day support, ensures vans across London are ready to dispatch whenever they’re needed. With a wealth of mechanical and electrical expertise in-house, we provide premium, cost-effective maintenance services, including:

  • Post-completion works programmes
  • Post-occupancy evaluations
  • Planned preventative and reactive maintenance
  • Small office works and modifications via our Client Focus team

How does our office maintenance service fit into your overall project?

The office design and build experience with Peldon Rose starts with workplace strategy and moves through interior design and fit-out to project completion. That’s the point at which our office maintenance team takes over, providing ongoing support and complete peace of mind.

Although it occurs at the end of a project, we believe office maintenance has a significant role to play from the start. That’s because the successful and efficient maintenance of your spaces and systems should be a key consideration of the entire design and build process.

Beyond office maintenance, we also offer client focus as part of our Everyday Services. Our Client Focus team is there as your business evolves and changes, to provide a tailored consultative service for churn projects and other small works as they come up.

At all times, our focus is on protecting the investment you put into your project from the start–by extending the life of your workplace while maintaining the integrity of its original vision and design.

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