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Office maintenance includes all ongoing work necessary to keep things ticking along smoothly, safely, and effectively within your workspace, without you even noticing that changes are being made. This guide will explain what’s involved, how we support our clients, and what we could do for you.

Maintaining the workplaces that Peldon Rose design, fit out and deliver for our clients is our commitment to ensuring that a space continues to operate exceptionally, from the day you move in, and every day after.

Sophie Phillips, Assistant Account Manager

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A guide to office maintenance

A guide to office maintenance

Designing and delivering a bespoke workplace for your clients and colleagues requires a significant level of investment that our dedicated Maintenance team strive to protect on your behalf. Whether you’ve inhabited your workplace for one or one hundred days, office maintenance support ensures that the quality of your working environment doesn’t deteriorate over time.

Depending on the size and scale of work required, maintenance can be carried out on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or somewhere in between. Irrespective of frequency, it’s important to work closely with your office manager or facilities team to ensure all parties aligned, that expectations are clear and relevant access is granted safely. In partnership, office maintenance support should be on hand as an extension of your team.

What is office maintenance?

What is office maintenance?

Office maintenance involves a range of tasks, big or small, to support the operation of your workplace. We support our clients with small tasks, from changing a light bulb, to larger scale works. This could include remedial electrical rewiring, annual emergency light tests or plumbing services, to name a few.

Office maintenance work can be scheduled around the clock. Our team of Mobile Engineers, for example, are on hand to help clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This could take the form of preventative work scheduled out of hours to reduce disruption to your business, or to address emergency repairs like leaks or electrical outages. Here are some examples of the maintenance works that we can provide:

  • Waste management – We can organise your office waste removal and provide information about how, and where, it is disposed.
  • Electrical maintenance – This can include anything from routine checks to extensive repairs or rewiring of electrical fittings, fixtures, or installations.
  • Fire and safety – Here, we’ll ensure that all alarms and fire prevention tools are operating properly and are installed correctly.
  • Mechanical maintenance – We’ll ensure the ‘engine room’ of your workplace is running like clockwork, to maintain a comfortable working environment for your clients and colleagues.
  • Air conditioning and air quality – We’ll deliver effective air quality management, which is integral for maintaining employee health and business performance. Find out why.
  • Water hygiene maintenance – We’ll run regular checks to give you peace of mind that your water is clean..
  • Small works and repairs – No task is too small to help with. Small touch-ups, optimisations or repairs can be dealt with by our team of Mobile Engineers.

Why is office maintenance vital for your business?

Completing your office relocation or office refurbishment is a cause for celebration, but the work doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve moved into your new space, it’s crucial to protect the investment you’ve made into your property and your people. With an office maintenance contract in place, you can be sure that:

  • The quality of your workplace doesn’t deteriorate. Retouches and refreshments are made before you know you need them.
  • The working environment remains consistent. Small changes to air temperature, water pressure and light levels impact our experiences in a space, and maintenance work keeps the atmosphere comfortable and operating as expected.
  • Whatever you need, you can turn to the same person. Investing in office maintenance support means that as soon as work is required, you can rely on a single point of contact to schedule the works, coordinate execution and guarantee the quality of the delivery.
  • Emergency support. When things go wrong, you know who to turn to. You can rely on 24/7 support, with assurance that costs will be fair and appropriate.

Office maintenance with Peldon Rose

Our Office Maintenance team join you in the next step of the workplace journey.

Your workplace is a living, breathing thing–it will inevitably need fixes and repairs over time. Regardless of the need, our Office Maintenance team are there beside you around the clock. Our team created your space, so who better to maintain it than the people know who it inside and out? Because we already know your business and your office environment, we are equipped to support you in the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective way possible.

We work with clients to develop tailored maintenance support to preserve and protect the building you call home, take care of your equipment, and maintain the health of your people within the working environment.

Crucially, prevention is better than cure. Peldon Rose’s specialist office maintenance services ensure that we anticipate challenges or problems that may occur, and work to mitigate them before they arise. It helps us to keep your office functioning, while continually enhancing the workplace experience of your people and clients.

We take care to ensure that your team enjoy working alongside us, too. You’ll be introduced to your dedicated Account Manager, to give you the confidence to know who to turn to to arrange both planned and preventative maintenance support.

How does our office maintenance service fit into your overall project?

Peldon Rose are workplace experts, which doesn’t stop at design and build. From the moment your new workplace is ready to move into, our Maintenance team can hit the ground running. We’re able to carry out planned and preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of disruption and keep building services running at optimum levels.

Your dedicated Maintenance team works alongside our delivery team to ensure you have excellent continuity of service and plenty of support once your office refurbishment or office relocation project has finished. We provide ongoing maintenance to your systems and spaces. As your business evolves, we analyse the best options for your workplace, providing you with a tailored consultative service for additional projects and other small works as they come up. At all times, our focus is on protecting the investment you put into your office from the start by extending the life of your workplace, while maintaining the integrity of its original vision and design.

Our Office Maintenance team consist of a group of qualified workplace specialists and building maintenance experts who work from our workplace in Wimbledon, as well as across London, to maintain exceptional spaces for our clients every day. Whatever you need, we’re just a phone call away.

Our Account Managers provide your office coordinators, facilities managers, and property maintenance teams with a daily point of contact and a familiar face to turn to. Then, our maintenance coordinators organise, programme and schedule the works required, assigning one of our mobile engineers to each task at hand.

Lastly, it’s our mobile engineers that become the friendly face in your workplace. On hand 24/7, they’ll become an extension of your team, and will know the intricacies of your space just as well as (if not better than) you do.

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