The importance of natural lighting at work


Having conducted the winter edition of our Happy Office Survey 2016, one of the most interesting results showed the importance of natural light within the workplace. For office workers who spend their days with only artificial lighting in the workspace, it can be detrimental to their productivity as well as to their mental wellbeing.

Alongside this, it can also have a negative effect on your energy costs for the future. Deciding the visual elements of your office is also incredibly important, the colours you select can promote the identity of your brand whilst also having a positive impact on the mood of your employees.

90% of people want to be exposed to natural lighting while at work with only 62% of workers actually gaining any. The solution is easy really, make sure you are positioning employees’ desks near to/next to windows while also allowing an open-plan layout for your office, so that staff can move around freely and efficiently.

Overhead lighting can be adjusted to prevent glare on computer monitors, as well as ensuring all screens are facing away from windows. You will have to dim the lighting to an adequate level so that you are not over illuminating the workplace but remember to not make the room too dark. As well as the visual elements of your office being important for creating a particular atmosphere within the workplace, you should highlight other key things that matter to your employees. Using neutral colours helps brighten the office; they appear more vibrant and fresher, while darker colours such as red can often impose and create hostility in employees.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

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