Office refurbishment

For more than 30 years, Peldon Rose has designed and delivered transformational office refurbishment projects across London. Armed with unrivaled experience in end-to-end office design and build, we help businesses maximise the value of the workplace.

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What is office refurbishment?

Office refurbishment is the process of renovating and updating your existing workspace, often due to changing business needs, size and ways of working. Contrary to an office relocation, an office refurbishment often involves a space that already exists and has already been used by your business, or another business before you.

What are the different types of office refurbishment?

While an office refurbishment can vary in size and scale of works needed, an in-situ office refurbishment will take place while a business remains in occupation at its current space. This could happen in conjunction with temporary operation from a serviced office, or with the implementation of a hybrid or remote working model.

Some refurbishments may involve minimal cosmetic changes to office interior design, layout and furniture, and others may require a larger or full-scale refurbishment, including CAT-A works or mechanical and electrical installation.

What is the office refurbishment process?

An office refurbishment project has several essential milestones, and each stage can be customized to meet your specific requirements. At Peldon Rose, we work collaboratively with you to understand your business operations and create a bespoke roadmap to suit your needs, which typically unfolds as follows:

  • Create the brief – As soon as you get in touch, we’ll get to work analysing your current situation; why do you want to undertake a refurbishment? What are your requirements and desires for the space? What are your expectations for the process and how flexible is your timeline?
  • We’ll come and visit your site – Next we’ll visit your office to understand both the building and the people within it. We’ll analyse the layout of the current space, how your people use it, and the genetic make-up of the building itself to inform the design and build programme.
  • Test fit – Together we'll uncover how much we’ll be changing the space, we’ll create several test fit plans to show you what’s possible in terms of layout.
  • Develop the design – We’ll develop the design and bring your ideas to (virtual) reality with 3D renders
  • Produce a programme – We’ll put together your options for a suggested plan of works, explaining how and when each phase of works will take place, with particulars relating to furniture and how to manage your people throughout the process, whether in-situ or otherwise.
  • Establish the costs – We’ll cost with total transparency and help you to stay within budget, by providing you with plenty of options.
  • Curate the communications – We’ll assess how your business will be impacted before it happens, so that you can take the right steps to prepare and mitigate ahead of the project execution.
  • Begin the build – Your new space begins to take shape as we begin the build phase of the project.
  • Plan for ongoing maintenance – Our partnership doesn’t end there, every lightbulb, paint scuff, HVAC service and water check can be managed by our dedicated maintenance engineers, who are just a phone call away whenever you need them.

What's involved in the process for an Office Refurbishment?

An office refurbishment follows several key steps, depending on your needs. At Peldon Rose, they often include:

  • Starting with Workplace Strategy to understand design needs
  • Defining the brief and beginning the process of planning the office layout
  • Scoping the redesign, finalising the technical design and choosing finishes
  • Undertaking a CAT A fit-out, if needed
  • Undertaking a CAT B fit-out
  • Furniture consultancy, procurement and installation
  • Managing related concerns such as moving or storing equipment
  • Providing ongoing office maintenance support and identifying ongoing works
  • Managing logistical operations

How do you ensure your Office Refurbishment process is Sustainable?

At Peldon Rose, we set benchmarks around sustainability and ESG and strive for continuous improvement through reporting. On behalf of our clients, we have delivered numerous carbon neutral and LEED, BREEAM and SKA Gold accredited office fit out projects. In our own workplace, we support sustainable practices such as recycling, upcycling and waste management.

How does Peldon Rose create a Safe & Considerate Build Environment?

Crucial to the entire build process is health and safety. Not only do we ensure everyone is safe on site and the building is safe for handover, we also coordinate with your landlord, building manager, other tenants and, on in-situ projects, with your employees on site, to minimise disruption and ensure a smooth and safe process for all.

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