Acoustics in the workplace

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Carefully considered acoustics within office design are extremely important.

Loud and noisy workplaces can provide a huge amount of disruption, especially if you are working on something particularly important. Installing great acoustics can minimise noise transfer within the office and help you to concentrate, even when the chatterboxes are in full flow.

Research undertaken by The Center for the Built Environment, Berkeley, found that around 50% of people in offices think that poor acoustics interfere with their ability to get work.

Behind BMG’s new reception area is probably one of the quirkiest features we’ve installed into an office; two soundproof acoustic rooms. Completely impenetrable, simulating a recording studio so any of BMG’s music artists can play without the fear of having to ‘turn it down’. A true secluded space to hear yourself think and hold private meetings, without the fear of being overhead.

The pods are formed by and large from completely reused steel and glass. As these pods are not mechanically fixed, no penetrations were made into the area within their front of house.

Acoustics play a big role within office design for both legal and financial companies who have an enhanced need for privacy. For our clients such as Capsticks LLP and Pricoa Capital Group, good office acoustics is vital to how their business runs day-to-day.

Overheard acoustic panels within board rooms and meeting rooms are not only practical but can make a great design feature, like how we included them into the office design for both Essence and Stack Exchange.

But acoustics in the office doesn’t just have to be through the use of sound panels. We reused JustGiving’s existing floor tiles to create bespoke acoustic panels, wall treatments and unique furniture pieces. Noise control can also be assisted within an open plan workspace through the use of plants, soft furniture and dividing screens.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

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