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The needs of tenants have changed dramatically in recent years, with many re-evaluating what they want from a workspace. No matter what point your asset is at in the property lifecycle, our dedicated team of specialists supports landlords in delivering real value across commercial real estate.

Flexible solutions for every lifecycle stage

From feasibility studies to post-letting support, we tailor our approach and design strategy to your needs.

Accommodation studies
Post-letting - Client Focus
Post-letting - Maintenance
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We work with you to gain an understanding of your key drivers. By developing this common understanding it enables us to ensure your goals—performance, quality, cost, time, etc. — are front and centre at every stage of the project’s lifecycle.

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We explore what’s possible in terms of layouts and opportunities for the floor space and the other areas within the building. Here, we begin to maximise the space’s potential, inducing the option of additional amenities where relevant.

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Whether the building is being refurbished entirely, partially, or only in the common areas, we focus this stage on identifying the appropriate services and upgrades to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Our aim is to unlock the best building performance for the best cost.

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Accommodation studies

We help you find the balance between creating densities and accommodating tenant needs. Closely linked to the MEP strategy, we help you to make informed decisions about which refurbishment works to take on and where to allow for negotiations and contributions from tenants.

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Destination amenities such as showers, bike storage, bookable meeting spaces, wellness rooms and quiet areas now make the difference between outstanding and run-of-the-mill offers to tenants. We help you leverage these facilities to your competitive advantage.

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We pursue increasingly important certifications on your behalf, such as EPCs, BREEAM, and FitWell. We are at the industry forefront of using sustainable materials and methods, including efficient construction, waste control, sustainable materials specifications, and lighting quality.

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Post-letting - Client Focus

Buildings are living and breathing things, and occasionally, our clients require small alterations or amendments post-completion. Our dedicated Everyday Services team offers the same high-quality service applied to small works with minimal disruption to on-site occupants.

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Post-letting - Maintenance

We help you to protect your asset through maintenance of your installed systems—a unique offering in the market. We provide this service as direct post-instruction support and consider it to be vital in ensuring successful asset letting, sales and disposal.

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We are here to help. Although every person and every business has different challenges, we often get similar questions about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you.

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