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Working alongside industry experts, we've explored the actions and behaviours that can deliver a sustainable workplace, and contribute to a better, greener industry.

At Peldon Rose, we harness the power of workplace to create office environments that deliver an exceptional experience for the people who use them, every day.

Across the environments we create, we strive to be good citizens of our world, practicing sound judgment and holding ourselves to high standards of environmental and social responsibility. But what does that mean in practice? We've outlined the measures we believe can contribute to more sustainable future.

Read our latest report

The time is now

Read our latest report

The time is now

Today and for the foreseeable future, sustainability is a factor underpinning business decisions, big and small.

The workplace, as a major contributor to many businesses’ carbon footprint, has the power to set the tone. There needs to be a shift in mindset across the board that starts before the workplace transformation even begins. Together, we must set a sustainable agenda across every touchpoint.

So what could this agenda look like? Take a look at our Sustainable Workplace Manifesto and join us on the journey to designing and delivering a planet-first future.

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