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VaynerMedia’s revolutionary new London workplace design

  • 16,000 sq ft
  • Clerkenwell
  • Media and Marketing
Project team

VaynerMedia is a global, full-service advertising agency built for the now, offering strategy, creative, media, and production services to help brands grow their businesses.

VaynerMedia EMEA makes its mark in London with a new 16,000 sq ft workspace at 42 St John’s Square, in the creative heart of Clerkenwell. It’s the agency’s first bespoke office in the city as it moves away from serviced offices. Rich in opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and culture, the new workplace is a home away from home for VaynerMedia’s vibrant community and catalyses their growth in EMEA markets. Take a tour below.

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Bring people together, allow creativity to flourish

VaynerMedia’s office is bold, authentic, and full of surprises. You only need to step into the disco-themed toilets (!) complete with floor to ceiling mirrored metro tiles, hanging disco balls, and a ceiling blanketed in biophilia to feel the design’s energy, and experience how it sparks joy.

Crucially, the workspace is about nurturing creativity, comfort, and connections between colleagues – all while breaking the mould.

Function and fun collide. Bleacher seating spanning 5m connects two floors, facilitating townhall meetings alongside serendipitous chance encounters as employees journey between floors. Meanwhile, the central kitchen doubles up as a content creation station, shortly after you’ve brewed your morning coffee. From neon pop themed meeting rooms to the library’s art gallery and cosy drinks corner, this workspace revolutionises conventional conceptions of “office”.

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Balanced design

Ceiling features are small and unobstrusive to highlight the expanse of concrete striations on the ceiling, and make space for bolder features below


Replicating design features found in educational environments is a great tool to promote versatility and learning in offices

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It’s true. No two spaces are the same – every meeting room has an entirely unique aesthetic, prompting employees to ring the changes and unleash their creative potential, and even to use the spaces as sets for media shoots. These miscellaneous pockets within the office encourage individuals to blaze paths less trodden, dream fresh ideas, reach new heights.

We wanted to be clever in creating spaces to inspire VaynerMedia, providing opportunities for stratospheric, viral Instragram moments. You can’t prescribe creativity, but you can offer the next best thing; an environment that sparks innovation, races ahead of the times, and unlocks unbridled potential

Ashton Holmes, Senior Project Designer
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As the team evolves, the workplace capacity can increase by 25%, without feeling overwhelmed by a sea of desks

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The workplace empowers employees to take autonomy of their working environment, providing them with choice and variety. From vibrant, high energy game zones complete with snooker and foosball tables, to the serene, enclosed library space for focus work, there’s a place for everyone and everything.

This is a significant milestone in our journey and a testament to our growth and evolution in EMEA. By moving to our own dedicated space, we're not just changing locations, we're enhancing our identity. The office has been meticulously and thoughtfully designed to provide an environment that stimulates creativity and supports our employees' needs as we move to three days each week in the office together. I can't wait to see the incredible things we'll achieve in our new home.

Daisy Domenghini, Managing Director, VaynerMedia EMEA
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Furnishing for flexibility and future aspirations

Designing a space for the years to come was a key element of the workspace brief. The VaynerMedia team has experienced growth and success across the EMEA region, and the team’s new London home was designed to anticipate, and respond to, its future trajectory too. Starting with mood boards curated by VaynerMedia, Peldon Rose’s team of specialist furniture consultants used their expertise to make the vision a reality.

Interested in Peldon Rose’s specialist design & build services? Why not talk to the team today.

The end result is a multi-use design, crafted with a selection of new, reused and vintage furniture pieces to gift the space with flexibility and work in harmony with the rest of the design – as well as the local area of Clerkenwell, known for its creative heritage. Not only that, but recycled pieces support a planet-friendly approach, something the whole team was passionate about.

Tom Davies, Furniture Consultant
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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