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A home for JustGiving's people to thrive

Having outgrown their old workspace in Paddington, JustGiving wanted a new space that reflected their values, encouraged new ways of working and created a home and community for their team to thrive in and enjoy. The company relocated to a 16,000 sq ft office space in Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London.

Our vision was to create an office environment which provided staff with a range of workspaces from which to choose where to work according to the type of work they were doing. This would free staff from their desks in an agile environment, with flexibility to work where they want, when they want.

Being of a charitable nature, thriftiness was key to JustGiving’s new London office so we worked with them to use or reuse 70% of their existing furniture, interior structure and finishes. We saw this not as a restriction, but as a license to be creative, using materials that felt honest, organic and natural. For example, existing floor tiles were reused as wall treatments, acoustic panels and unique furniture pieces.

The design also maximised the use of simple, raw materials such as plain concrete floor and wood left in a natural state. These materials are ones which people see in everyday life, creating a natural space which people identify with.

Collaboration area and ampitheatre for JustGiving

The Marketplace

To break from convention against the standard reception area, we created a stand-out ‘Marketplace’ front of house area which is multi-functional and at the heart of their office. The buzzing marketplace environment is informal, open, warm and welcoming. This people centric space includes a raised platform and dividing curtain and is used for all-hands meetings, product launches, yoga sessions, informal working and charity gatherings.

Alongside the raised platform is a ‘show you care’ wall which showcases the achievements of the business and has stations where people can explore all the good causes which JustGiving help through ‘Tech for Good’. Adjoining the marketplace is the main boardroom which has slatted folding doors which can be opened up, adding extra space to the main area for main events.

Breakout areas and a meeting room with a folding door

Designing in trust

The second key element centred around designing in trust. To do this, we created an office environment which provides staff with a range of workspaces to choose where to work from according to the type of work they are doing. JustGiving wanted staff to feel free from their desks and embrace a smart working environment.

Biophilic design incorporated into social spaces

Aside from the marketplace, these workspaces include a tuck shop, snug caves and the main Eating Meeting Hub. This bright biophilic hub is designed to be a key place for collaboration and agile working, completely away from the workstations. In all there are three different working zones in that area, each suiting different activities and different people.

Making use of JustGiving's ampitheatre-style breakout area

There is also a village green library positioned in the central glass corner of the office, divided from the workstations by a dual facing bookshelf made from reclaimed wood and carpets. It’s a great place to retreat and find peace for work or relaxation.

JustGiving now have a stunning new London office, built with trust and sound thrifty principles.

Bench seating in JustGiving's kitchen area
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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