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Since our founding in 1987, our clients have all told us the same thing: It just feels different to work with us. We call this phenomenon “the everyday exceptional.” It’s our commitment to providing a consistently uplifting experience for our clients, our people and the end-users of our workplaces by sparking joy, enabling purpose, inspiring belief and building connections through the spaces and relationships we create every day.

We harness the power of the workplace.

We harness the power of the workplace.

The office environment has a profound impact on the quality of countless people’s lives. We take that responsibility seriously, not only in terms of the places we shape and deliver but also in terms of how we operate as a business.

We strive for excellence in everything.

We strive for excellence in everything.

We deliver wholly bespoke solutions to our clients, but the drive for excellence comes from us. At our core, we are passionate and committed to being exceptional for our clients and our industry.

Although we didn’t have a crystal ball, what we were fitting out was for a future workplace. It’s somewhere that’s a destination for people in its own right, with a really keen eye for what future working environments should look like. I’m excited about our workspaces opening, and I’m excited about what it means for our other offices, too.

Andy Hepworth, Operations Director, Sopra Steria

We are all accountable to our promises.

We have spent the past 30 years building our business around solid foundations, which is why we focus on providing the best advice and doing the right thing for everyone we work with. Our core values are simple and sound and we stand united behind them.

Peldon Rose core values Peldon Rose core values

Our people build success.

There’s no doubt in our minds where our success as a business come from: our people. We genuinely have the best minds, the best personalities and the most passionate and knowledgable people in the industry.


We are here to help. Although every person and every business has different challenges, we often get similar questions about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you.

Peldon Rose: A Love Story.

Two Peldon Rose employees at a social event

Peldon Rose: A Love Story.

The name Peldon Rose comes from our founder, Andrew, who in 1987 named his new company after his parents' beloved boat. The boat itself got its name from a 15th Century coaching inn where Andrew's mother, who'd stop for a drink before braving the seas, gradually got her sea legs.

Today, Peldon Rose continues to be a labour of love. It is a place where our people grow their confidence, pursue their passions and explore new horizons--just as Andrew's parents did all those years ago.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

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