Office interior design

At Peldon Rose, our office interior design specialists skilfully blend furniture, finishes, and materials to craft spaces that inspire, nurture, connect and unify your people, completely tailored for your organisation. Transform your office into a hub of creativity and culture, and unlock high performance with our thoughtful design approach.

What is office interior design?

Office interior design transcends mere aesthetics; it's a strategic fusion of creativity and functionality that we shape to elevate your business and the place where you work. Beginning with a deep dive to understand your business’ unique identity and aspirations, we challenge and interrogate your brief, we unravel the fundamental "why" behind your workplace.

Our process incorporates human behaviour with design theory and technical application. Peldon Rose's office interior design specialists take a holistic approach that transforms spaces into dynamic environments, inspiring productivity, collaboration, and a profound sense of identity for your business and people.

What is the office interior design process?

While every project is custom-tailored to meet the distinct requirements, timelines, and budget considerations of your business, an office interior design project with Peldon Rose can typically follow these key steps:

  1. We’ll get to know you - Start by understanding your unique needs, aspirations, and the essence of your organisation to form a personalised brief.
  2. Uncover your why - Challenge and interrogate the brief to unearth your unique workplace purpose. Why do you need a new office space? This critical step ensures we’re equipped a deep understanding of requirements.
  3. Site visits and selection - We’ll accompany you on visits to potential buildings, offering insights on architectural and interior design aspects, and assisting in selecting spaces with design considerations in mind.
  4. Test fits and feasibility study - We’ll evaluate the infrastructure, layout, and efficiency of shortlisted spaces, and conduct a feasibility study to determine the potential of each floorplate.
  5. Crafting your vision - Diving into the design phase, we’ll meticulously select the right materials, finishes, furniture, and lighting schemes. We’ll present a detailed design plan, cost planning and effective programming.
  6. Detailed design development - Develop a detailed design plan, providing visibility into the final look and feel of the space. Facilitate collaborative workshops to ensure alignment across your organisation.
  7. Technical design and approvals – Next, we’ll produce technical drawings, manage building control, and secure necessary permits. We’ll utilise visualisations to confirm project details, giving you the power to see the final outcome more clearly than ever and bringing your vision to life.
  8. On-site collaboration - We’ll work closely with you and our team on site to ensure the smoothness and quality of the design execution. This ongoing collaboration guarantees a seamless journey from concept to a transformed and inspiring workspace.

Peldon Rose offers a seamless, end-to-end office design and fit-out service and our team can guide you through the entire process from beginning to end, maintaining your new home after you move in.

Why should you choose Peldon Rose for your office interior design project?

Peldon Rose’s in-house Design Studio sits at the epicentre of our business. Industry leading concept and technical designers collaborate alongside graphic designers and visualisation experts to craft, conjure and create world-class office interior design solutions for your business. Taking a workplace transformation from initial strategy to design and delivery means that the entire process is managed by a close-knit team. It’s our collective skills and resources that take your project from beginning to end; right through from the brief to site build and ongoing maintenance.

  • Collaborative design studio - Our design studio is a dynamic hub where creativity flourishes, fostering an environment where our designers collaborate seamlessly, ensuring a fresh and innovative approach to every project.
  • Efficiency and approachability - At Peldon Rose, we carefully manage the design process, enabling clients to swiftly address their needs and embark on the transformation journey without unnecessary delays or complexities.
  • Inclusive partnership - Experience a collaborative partnership where ideas are shared, and teamwork thrives. Our approach breaks down silos, ensuring a cohesive and collective effort towards achieving your office design goals.
  • Personalised and personal - Our design process is not only more personal and bespoke, but also enjoyable. Welcome into a space that feels friendly and approachable, fostering a sense of ease and comfort throughout the project. We do the hard work so that you can enjoy bringing your new home to life.
  • Let’s do it together - You’re more than a client; you’re a partner. Our supportive approach ensures clients feel supported while understanding that we are working together, providing a sense of assurance and collaboration throughout the entire journey.
  • See our office interior design work

    Enhancing culture and collaboration for ECI Partners

    ECI Partner's new workplace at 80 Strand is informed by workplace strategy, and designed to promote sustainability, culture, and collaboration

    See our office interior design work

    Enhancing culture and collaboration for ECI Partners

    An office kitchen, complete with artwork, kitchen table and chairs, pendant lighting, and potted plants
    Create a sustainable workplace
  • See our office interior design work

    60 Ironmonger Row: A next-generation workplace

    Landlord property developers TSP work alongside office interior design firm, Peldon Rose, to transform historic Edwardian warehouse into next-generation workplace

    See our office interior design work

    60 Ironmonger Row: A next-generation workplace

    Tenant attracting
  • See our office interior design work

    Facilitating hybrid working for The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association

    Design and build by London's leading office interior firm Peldon Rose harnesses the power of collaboration and community for the PLSA.

    See our office interior design work

    Facilitating hybrid working for The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association

    A breakout space features large dome pendant lighting, collaboration round tables, meeting booths, and a blue aesthetic
    Drive collaboration and creativity
  • See our office interior design work

    A conscious design full of unique character for The Craftory

    Peldon Rose designed and built a new workplace for global investor, The Craftory, in the heart of Soho, London. The office interior design encourages a culture which embraces the creativity and ambitions of its employees.

    See our office interior design work

    A conscious design full of unique character for The Craftory

    The image shows a wooden kitchen table and chairs, duck egg blue cabinets and shelving units filled with crockery
    Drive collaboration and creativity

Office interior design FAQs

How much does the average office interior design project cost?

We understand that redesigning your office is a big investment. The costs for an office interior design project varies based on what you're aiming for, how big the project is, and how soon you want it done. At Peldon Rose, we're here to guide you through it all—laying out the costs, breaking down the work, and making sure you have a clear picture of what's ahead. Get in touch to chat about your goals.

Can you build our project too?

Yes! Choosing a design and build partner over more traditional methods has its benefits; We stay with you throughout the process, from help you find a building, understand the purpose of the office in relation to your business right through to build and long-term maintenance. Get in touch to start your journey towards a better workplace.

What other services do you offer?

Peldon Rose are a full-service workplace strategy, design and build consultancy. We’re London based, and have curated office fit out, office relocation, office refurbishment, workplace strategy and office maintenance projects of various size in a wider variety of industries, including the commercial landlord space. Learn about our other services below. Get in touch with our team to chat about your goals.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

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