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Create a workplace design that meets your needs today and tomorrow. At Peldon Rose, our Interior Design Specialists blend boundless creativity with proven London workplace expertise to craft exceptional everyday experiences for your people.

How does office design affect workers’ productivity?

Numerous studies have shown that happier, healthier employees are more productive. Workplace interior design contributes to employee happiness and wellness by creating bright, comfortable and healthy environments that enrich their everyday experience.

Similarly, research tells us that employee satisfaction is linked to workplaces that inspire, empower and flex to individual needs. More satisfied employees are more likely to remain employed and invest in a business over the long term.

Why choose Peldon Rose for your Interior Design project?

Our designers put collaboration at the heart of the design process, enduring the solution is fully aligned to your business needs even as you adapt and grow. Furthermore, we don’t show you an office design we can’t deliver. What you see is what we build.

We start the process by delving deep into your business to gain an understanding of how you work and the workplace experience you want to provide. At the same time, we hold ourselves accountable to our own high internal standard: Every workplace we deliver aims to provide the everyday exceptional for your people–by sparking joy, enabling purpose, inspiring belief and building connections.

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What is Peldon Rose’s process for an Office Interior Design project?

We start with Workplace Strategy, so that we can create a picture of your workplace needs together. Once we know your requirements for your new workplace, as well as any features of the building itself, we start the office design process. We know how important it is to be able to visualise your space quickly, and so we generate early sketches followed by 2D space plans, computer-generated images, and in some cases, 3D visuals or virtual reality designs.

When you’re happy with what you see, we take the concept design through all technical, architectural, building services and engineering requirements. From start to finish, we give you clarity over costs and programme, so you can keep your focus on bringing your workplace to life. We never show you anything we aren’t confident can be built for the price – what you see in the design stage is what you get in the build stage.

Architectural and interior design

The first stage of work explores concepts and develops office design in partnership with you. We begin with an outline proposal for a fully integrated design, complete with preliminary costs and timelines. We then move into design development, where we finalise design specifications, furniture and finishes and complete any necessary permitting applications.

Technical design

During the technical design stage, we bring together our design, engineering & build experts to develop the technical detail necessary for pre-construction. We gain accuracy and efficiency throughout the process by coordinating directly across teams, all under the same roof.


Our mechanical and electrical engineers create an integrated design based on analysis of the building and the office design requirements. They also fully integrate technology by working closely with specialists like fire alarm, audio visual and acoustical contractors.

Cost planning & programming

When it comes to time and costs, few things are more important than clarity and simplicity. On every project, we provide you with an itemised list and programme of all of the work needed for your project, so you know exactly what you’re buying and when. Not only that, but we keep you up to date at all times so you can budget and make decisions with complete peace of mind.


Office furniture is the key ingredient in establishing a strong identity and infusing life and personality into your new workspace. Every area of your office is covered by our in-house team of workplace interior designers and furniture consultants, creating a space that successfully reflects your brand and business, while balancing cost and quality.

How do we create the right office design for your business?

Genuine partnership is essential to a successful office design, and so it’s vital we’re on the same page throughout the process. For this reason, we provide visuals as soon as possible and throughout the design stage. We invite you into our office to sample materials and finishes in our design library and allow you to experience elements such as acoustic solutions() firsthand in mock-up rooms. Our aim is to make the office design as real as possible for you so you proceed with clarity and confidence into the office we build

How do we ensure your Office Interior Design process is Sustainable?

At Peldon Rose, we set benchmarks around sustainability and ESG and strive for continuous improvement through reporting. On behalf of our clients, we have delivered numerous carbon neutral and LEED, BREEAM and SKA Gold accredited office design projects. In our own workplace, we support sustainable practices such as recycling, upcycling and waste management.

Detail shot of brown terazzo worktop with brown leather seating

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