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Goodbye workspace; hello Brandpie clubhouse

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Brandpie is a company which does things differently. The global consultancy rips up the rule book when it comes to helping clients discover and activate their purpose and it wanted a workspace as disruptive as it is. Rejecting the idea of a traditional workplace, Brandpie selected design and build company Peldon Rose to create a space that was unique, and fosters connections, collaboration, and creativity – not an office, but a clubhouse.

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The space needed to be desirable, somewhere that Brandpie’s creative team and clients would flock to. It needed to be a ‘home from home’ or give a ‘home to coffee shop’ feel. A destination where people wanted to be and felt comfortable to come and go as they please. The 2,500 sq ft site on Great Marlborough Street in central London was the perfect location for a clubhouse that would allow people to work flexibly, yet efficiently. Previously, Brandpie worked from a serviced office, and it was ready to embrace the advantages that come from its own space.

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Collaboration through design

Creativity, community, and sustainability were at the centre of the design. This meant no meeting rooms, flexible adaptive spaces, and no fixed areas to foster an environment of creativity and transparency. It needed to be both informal and collaborative.

From the beginning, Peldon Rose worked in close partnership with Brandpie, holding workshops to understand how far the company wanted to push the boundaries of the modern office, whilst striking the correct balance between innovation and practicality.

“When Brandpie explained how much it wanted to challenge the concept of the office through this design, we were excited,” said Zoe Martinez, Project Designer at Peldon Rose. “We asked ourselves how do we, as designers of workplaces, create something that isn’t viewed as a typical office space?

“This style of workspace is something that we have been seeing our clients gravitate more towards, and the trend has definitely been accelerated by the pandemic. However, what’s really exciting is that Brandpie is one of the first companies to have taken this bold step towards a complete redesign in this way.”

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A space fit for purpose

The finished product is a multidimensional, warming environment, which can be easily adapted for different needs. It features an airport-style lounge, which immediately welcomes anyone and everyone into the space, with an informal yet attractive atmosphere. There is a dedicated area where employees and visitors can grab a drink, featuring adjustable mood lighting to create a day to night transition - coffee shop by day, and bar by night.

Ensuring that spaces could be adapted was a key feature of the brief and was brought to life across the project. A large central collaboration space features a high table for employees to get together, as well as the ‘Workshop’, an area to host sessions with clients that inspire creativity. All furniture used was flexible and agile, allowing it to move and adjust in line with whatever function the space is needed for.

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The idea of the clubhouse was to challenge what an office is. Brandpie had fully embraced a new hybrid way of working, and the office we had in mind wasn’t intended as a place to go and get your head down.

Zoe Martinez, Project Designer

“This was a space where employees could enjoy the social side of their working lives, something which has been lost over the last few years. Brandpie really wanted to build a greater sense of community amongst its employees, and the new office was a great way to nurture and cultivate this.”

The latest technological innovations play a huge part in bringing the space to life, with extra attention paid to the accessibility of power across the clubhouse so that devices can be plugged in and used from any location. Peldon Rose also designed and created a bespoke ring light, which was like nothing they had done before, featuring a ‘daylight wash’ filter to create a natural environment, for which a number of suppliers had to be sourced to help make it a reality.

“The entire project brings our company culture to life,” said Wayne Roberts, COO at Brandpie. “We wanted to create something truly different for our employees, somewhere which not only reflects our changing ways of working but also demonstrates that we are a company which encourages people to come together and connect. These connections between our employees are crucial, and we feel this new space will be a place that both they and our clients love.”

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Being responsible for employees and the planet

Whilst Brandpie is focused on discovering and defining purpose for its clients, it too is a purpose-led business. This meant that a major consideration for the new space was its sustainability credentials, with the project achieving an SKA Gold rating. All finishes specified were completed using suppliers which have processes and manufacturing methods that offer minimal impact on the environment, as well as materials which were recyclable. Zero waste was sent to landfill, making the clubhouse a carbon neutral project.

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Employee wellbeing is a top priority for Brandpie and the company believes that freedom of choice helps breed a level of comfort and sparks excellence. This new office demonstrates their commitment, offering a place not just for work, but to socialise, collaborate and importantly enjoy the working day.

“We couldn’t be prouder of the clubhouse,” said Wayne. “We set out to do things differently with the new space, we wanted somewhere which truly embodied our culture. After the difficulties of the past few years, our employees now have a space where they can get together, collaborate, and socialise – something which will without a doubt only help support our creativity and what we can deliver to clients.”

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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