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Office design

This is where the vision comes to life, building your ideas and concepts into the perfect workplace.

Everyone’s favourite stage is design; it’s the bit all our clients crave from the moment we start talking about inventing their new office space. Our office design specialists take everything we learned through the workplace consultancy stage and bring it to life with stunning interiors and exciting elements tailored specifically to your business.

Creating the office design

It’s a creative and collaborative process. We spread our tools across the table, bust out the tracing paper, pens and architect rulers and get to work sketching out the initial design and office space plans, creating a visual peak into your new workplace. This is where the workplace thinkers and makers get their hands dirty and start to build something truly astonishing.

Once we’ve presented and refined the initial office design concepts to our clients, we then get to work on creating 2D space plans and computer-generated images (CGIs). In some cases, we even use 3D and virtual reality to help you fully immerse in your future office space. This stage also includes technical design, architectural building services and engineering designs. Once finalised, our specialist contractors can be briefed and organised.

Involving Pre-contract managers, Furniture consultants and the wider team

Throughout the whole office design project, the rest of the team are always involved. Pre-contract managers ensure designs are delivered on time and create the best value. Furniture consultants work hand-in-hand with the designer, recommending how comfort and productivity can be enhanced with the latest office furniture.

Wherever possible, the first step is always taken with the full professional team. This can include a Commercial Property Agent, Project Manager, Building Manager and sometimes a retailed office consultancy, pooling our creativity to imagine an office as intricate and imaginative as MOO or Office Space in Town. We have plenty of experience delivering detailed office design and build programmes, so we know how to work successfully in partnership with other consultancy providers.

Workplace designing with a purpose

We are firm believers that design without substance won’t benefit the business or the office. Our cohesive project teams enable every design element to serve a purpose, ensuring each office refurbishment and relocation provides a space that increases the productivity and efficiency of a company. We’ve created a number of award-winning offices that we are immensely proud of, all of which were designed so that every last detail was complementing the business and the lives of the people that worked there. You can view these on our projects page.

Some of our recent projects you may want to check out include the London offices for The White CompanyXTX Markets and Pret A Manger.


If you have any questions about office design and fit-outs, please get in touch.