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A cohesive, collaborative space for TGS

An energetic space

Our client wanted an office space that reflects the work they do. TGS provide geoscientific data and this led our design team to use seismic waves as their inspiration. Using this graphic as a starting point, our aim was to use this to spark a flow of energy that runs through the office, helping to create a cohesive, collaborative space.

At Peldon Rose, we are passionate about our Client for Life initiative, so a company wanting to work with us again is the best accolade possible. TGS asked us to expand their office we had built for them five years before and we jumped at the chance. We arranged their workspace in such a way that TGS could easily adapt the space as they expand.

This project began with the shared reception area at ground level. We wanted to make a strong first impression, so our designers installed a dramatic design which would have an impact on visitors and staff alike. This visually engaging theme continues into the main offices, where we made the break-out area into a more versatile hub. Including a space like this in the office layout gives people a place to work away from their desks, hold meetings or simply a cup of tea with colleagues.

Introducing a range of office furniture

A key element for the TGS office design was the wide range of furniture we installed, including soft seating, mobile stalls and more traditional kitchen furniture. The Peldon Rose furniture team have created a versatile space that brings staff together in a more relaxed environment. This has given TGS a more sociable and energetic space for staff to enjoy breaks and lunches. Other important pieces of furniture in this office are the high back sofas that break up the workspace. These sofas are excellent for informal meetings and offer privacy as well as good acoustics.

Naturally, to help celebrate the work of TGS, we carefully selected materials and finishes including striking rock wall finishes throughout the office. This included slate effect walls behind reception and in the boardroom. We also drew inspiration from rock strata for other graphics, which we also installed throughout the office. Bringing these influences and visuals to the forefront of the office was important to display the core of TGS’ identity and business.

We asked Peldon Rose to undertake this major project and we were not disappointed; they are a great team of people.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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