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An exclusive ready-to-work space for Spacemade

  • 5,380 sq ft
  • Wimbledon
  • Landlord
Project Team

When landlord Wittington Investments partnered with workspace provider Spacemade to let an exclusive space in Wimbledon Village as serviced offices, they were keen for a workplace with a versatile design that would attract a range of clients with the feel of a private members club whilst also befitting of the local area.

With a successful longstanding relationship, Spacemade partnered with Peldon Rose to deliver the design and fit-out project, working with Paragon Building Consultancy as project managers. As a business based in Wimbledon, we were able to bring our intimate knowledge of the area to task, delivering a workspace that reflected both its history and culture.

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modern office with working area

Incorporating flexibility into the design was essential – this is a dynamic workspace, equally ready to meet the needs of those working individually and start-ups as it is for established businesses, on a short or long-term basis.

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View gallery Spacemade Wimbledon biophilia breakout space

Project Director Steve Taylor said, “I’m immensely proud of the incredible workspaces that we have helped to create with Spacemade over recent years. Every project offers so much more than just the design of the office, we are effectively creating destination spaces that offer a unique and contextualised experience to any visitor or member. These are spaces designed for interaction, community, and collaboration; where ideas are born, and businesses can grow and prosper.

We are breathing new life and energy into properties that are often underutilised and untenanted. Empty spaces are being reimagined and reborn to create new communities in and around these locations. It’s beneficial to everyone, from the landlord to the surrounding small businesses, the local neighbourhood and obviously the new members.

Working closely with Jonny, Dan, and the larger team at Spacemade to understand the local market, the architectural property opportunities, and the target clientele, has enabled us to effectively shape thriving new communities and breathe life into properties that were crying out to be occupied.”

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meeting room with screen

Spaces for collaborative and individual work

Varying workspace sizes have been incorporated into the design, allowing for businesses to scale up or scale down their use. Larger businesses can make use of larger suites, or individuals can rent a chair in a hot desking area.

Collaboration and breakout areas are present throughout the design, allowing members to come together across the workspace. Situated on the first floor, The Octagon room offers opportunities for collaborative or individual work; the shape of the room encourages conversation, acknowledging the proximity in which businesses will be working and creating networking opportunities.

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individual meetings booths

Bespoke octagonal wall mouldings were designed to pay homage to this striking period feature, subtly retaining and enhancing the historic façade. Flooded with natural light through the atrium window and centred with a large feature tree The Octagon allows members to gather in a calming environment, find new ways of collaborating and drive productivity.

Private meeting rooms allow for businesses to come together in a formal setting and are equipped with technology to empower them to hold virtual meetings. Named after Watson and Gore, the winners of the first Wimbledon tennis tournament in 1877, they represent the awareness of local history reflected throughout the building.

Focus rooms and solo booths have been installed throughout, allowing members either a private space or individual area where they are able to focus on their work as needed. Phone booths are situated on the first floor enabling people to make and take calls privately, separated from the rest of the office by a curtain.

View gallery sofa in office seating area
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Social spaces and exclusive features

If The Octagon is the embodiment of Spacemade’s commitment to collaboration and group working, the lounge area on the ground floor reflects their desire to provide a private members club environment for their clients. Comprising of lounge seating, coffee tables, artwork, and plant installations to create a more casual, social setting. Sitting at the heart of the space is an exclusive clubhouse for members, beautifully reflecting the location and local culture.

Well-equipped tea points provide social spaces, sparking conversation and allowing people from across the building to come together both socially and professionally. Pet beds and bowls have been included in these areas to allow members to bring their dogs into the office, adding to the positivity present in the environment.

Bike sheds, lockers and shower rooms located on the ground floor enabling members to cycle or run into the office, adding functionality for businesses to transform the workplace into somewhere employees want to be.

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seating area in modern office

Data-backed biophilia

With wellbeing high on the agenda, biophilia is a key element of the design. Planting has been placed at key points through the workspace, most notably at the heart of The Octagon in the lounge area and in focus spaces. This goes beyond the aesthetic, as research has shown that biophilia can increase productivity by up to 20% and reduce absenteeism by 15%, creating a space that people will want to come to work in.

Future of the space

Ensuring the accessibility and longevity of the space was important to Spacemade, allowing businesses to make use of the space long-term. Tasteful and considered design ensures that it is ready-to-work while still reflective of Wimbledon Village, with design features providing a sense of exclusivity and community for those in the workplace.

Project Designer Ashton Holmes said, “It isn’t every day that you get the opportunity to design on your doorstep, so when we were approached to work on Common Ground, we knew the design had to be something special. The new offices and co-working areas needed to become more than just a place within Wimbledon village, they had to be an asset to the community. A setting where synergistic relationships with colleagues are made. An informal lounge where impromptu networking opportunities amongst neighbouring businesses are nurtured. The result sees communal areas becoming a hive of activity with prospering businesses at its core – a village within a village.”

“It’s been a pleasure to partner with Peldon Rose for the second time, and again they’ve demonstrated their understanding of Spacemade’s mission. Our vision was to create a member-focused flexible space in the heart of the community where people can engage with their work and collaborate with local businesses. The project has achieved exactly that, blending a versatile design with an exclusive feel for our members, and it is a space that Spacemade, Peldon Rose and our members can be proud of.”

Jonathan Rosenblatt, Co-Founder
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