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Creating a ‘Ready-to-work’ office in the heart of London

Working alongside the project management team at Workman Building Consultancy , as well as CBRE and Hanover Green on behalf of a leading global investment manager, Peldon Rose were tasked with the creation of a ‘Ready-to-work’ office space in Hammersmith designed to attract and cater for the needs of a versatile set of future occupants.

Unlocking the space’s potential

Understanding that the pre-existing configuration of the space created an atmosphere that was dark and dated, Peldon Rose initially set to unlock the potential of the floorplate. The space benefits from large windows that allow an influx of natural light, which informed the entire clearing of the space, that included the removal of central meeting rooms that now enables light to flow freely throughout.

Additionally, open plan desking frames the perimeter of the space, allowing tenants to work with continuous access to natural light, which is linked to increased productivity and wellbeing.

Creating a central, collaborative heartbeat

At the centre of the floorplate, Peldon Rose designed an open space to host informal meetings intended to inspire agile working. Lounge seating and coffee tables were installed to encourage future tenants to gather, interact and engage in the centre of the workplace. Adding collaborative furniture such as high benches as a place to host impromptu stand-up meetings will foster further collaboration between all corners of the office while engendering a hive of activity that creates a vibrant atmosphere between teams.

Retention, restoration and reuse

Retaining the solid foundations of the space’s teapoint was a key element of the brief, so here Peldon Rose integrated the existing flooring and tiles with the installation of new facilities and appliances, to create an inviting social space for tenants to access refreshments.

Furthermore, much of the client’s pre-existing furniture was still as new. Furniture Consultants at Peldon Rose worked carefully to ensure that the colour and design of the prevailing furniture complemented of the new supplementary furnishings while ensuring consistency with the wider design of the new scheme.

Smart Space Technology

A key element of the project brief was the desire to include Smart Space Technology within the technical fitout of the space. Peldon Rose’s in-house mechanical and electrical specialists, added Smart Space Technology to access control, lighting and HVAC. The result of this not only adds to the energy efficiency of the space, but also allows the client added control and oversight into the operational activity of the workplace.

An inviting interior and personable atmosphere

To align with the majesty of the building exterior, that has been further enhanced by extensive refurbishment to the reception and front of house, Peldon Rose sought to create an interior to reflect the wider environment. Creating a space to cater for the needs of the occupant was key, but so too was the necessity to add atmosphere through design. The space was dressed with throws, cushions and task lighting to create a ‘lived in’ atmosphere, that offers a sense of warmth to the open plan office.

The addition of plants will further enhance the space’s attractiveness to future occupants. Incorporating a biophilic approach to workplace design provides a feeling of connectivity to nature that is associated with improved wellbeing. Timbers and pastel tones further accentuate the calm and natural atmosphere.

Delivering results efficiently

Reacting and adapting quickly to the ever-changing needs of the workplace landscape, Peldon Rose delivered the project in 4 weeks, transforming the space into one that is ready for immediate occupancy. The finished floorplate includes spaces to host private, formal meetings as well as collaborative workstations, with break-out areas for informal work in a relaxed setting; the result is a truly multi-purpose space to appeal to the various needs of the city’s workforce. Adopting a ‘plug and play’ approach, the space enhances the building’s appeal as an attractive destination for businesses of various size and scope.

Project designer Cat Lamaletie said, “It was a pleasure to work alongside the project team, gaining their confidence by providing a design solution to help attract tenants.
We’ve seen the transformation of the space from a tired-looking office, into an open, light and collaborative workspace!”

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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