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Office refurbishment Upsizing

An inspiring office design for Scorch London

Room for growth

Scorch London already had eye-catching branding and they needed to transform their Soho office space into something just as inspiring. As an agency where ideas burn bright, they called on Peldon Rose to develop an inspirational office design to further boost creativity and inspire their talented team.

Meeting rooms, edit suites and open-desking all encourage collaboration and creativity, so they were the focal point of our design. Furniture tours came with careful product selections and presentations and helped us fit the entire office with new furniture and create organised desk space and centralised shared spaces.

Using the office workspace intelligently was important for Scorch and we focused on developing a space that allowed staff more flexibility with where they can work as well as creating spaces to help them chill out and relax. Designated meeting zones spaced around the office maximises space and provides extra space for comfortable breakout areas with bean bag chairs and less formal shared spaces.

Adding a sleek kitchen area meant staff could easily prepare fresh meals or use the coffee machine to keep them focused and motivated. We advised advertising agency Scorch London on air-conditioning and lighting locations in the previous Cat A fit-out and we used 3D visuals to convey the overall new Cat B design.

Working in such a dynamic industry, we knew that Scorch needed a workspace that would allow them to grow their business and add talent to their team. This meant our office design would need to be a balance of their current requirements as well as taking time to understand their prospects to make sure their office was a design for the future. Striking design elements in the form of picture windows and bold graphics generate a more inspirational office and ensures that branding and company colours flow through the office.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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