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A fresh working culture for Intrepid Travel

The vision for the new Intrepid Travel office was to provide the business with an incredible platform for development and ensure their brand was represented through every aspect of their business.

In order for the business to grow the business and establish itself as a major travel brand, Intrepid Travel needed to move out of its Alton-based office which no longer represented them. To fulfil their aspirations for growth, decided to move into London and revitalise their brand image. This office relocation was a major step in their business’ journey to attract the most talented people and provide the business with a catalyst for growth.

Comfortable seating amidst wall mounted graphics for Intrepid Travel
Collaboration booths featuring wall mounted graphics

Delivering an office fit-out project in such a unique building like The Piano House in Brixton, means there is a variety of interesting original features already in the property. As the property is a converted piano factory, we were able to transfer a lot of the inherent characteristics of the building into the office space. The original window detail and exposed brickwork blend perfectly into the fresh, trendy working culture of Intrepid Travel. The services were left exposed to help retain the character of the space and we have designed an office interior that celebrates the personality of the company and shows off their individuality.

Table seating at Intrepid Travel's tea point

Supporting the working culture

To maximise the efficiency of the office space, Intrepid Travel have split their space over two floors. One floor is the main area with desking and informal meeting booths and the other floor is a designated client and staff break out space. This enables visiting clients to be hosted in a more open space away from the main office. Equipped with bleacher-style seating, a table tennis table and presentation area, Intrepid Travel have an exciting space to host client inductions that also doubles as a social area for staff.

The office floor itself is a mixture of workspaces and more relaxed areas that enable staff to be more agile, which lends itself to departments being able to collaborate easily. Railway carriage-style meeting spaces allow people to work privately or in a group, while there is a more private space at the back of the office that works as a retreat for personal calls or quick 1-1 meetings.

Naturally lit meeting room at Intrepid Travel's workspace

Since Intrepid Travel moved into their new officee, they have seen an increase in sales and an improvement in staff morale and productivity. Most importantly, the new office has had a positive impact on their recruitment process. The trendy location and energetic working environment Intrepid Travel have already created for their staff shows that they have quickly settled into their new home.

Ping pong table for Intrepid Travel's social space

Graphics and manifestations

Throughout the office there is a variety of manifestations and artwork that uplifts the space and reflects the vibrancy of travel. We collaborated closely with their in-house graphic design department to coordinate the design of the graphics used in the space.

Alongside the vibrant photographs, graphics on the boardroom and custom graffiti in the client-facing space demonstrate the company’s core values. Intrepid Travel are a transparent company that operate an open door policy and proudly showcase their values. By retaining these values in the two key areas of the office, the company identity is communicated to staff and the importance of these values shines through in the work Intrepid Travel deliver. It also helps to illustrate their journey as a brand and settling in their new home in Brixton.

Collaboration booths featuring graphics
Comfortable seating next to wall graphic
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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