The vision for the H.H. Saudi Research & Marketing Ltd office was to create a workplace full of harmony, providing staff and visitors with a destination they can be proud of. The new office is the group company UK HQ based in Chiswick Park, so it was integral that the office design and its location encapsulated the proud culture of H.H. Saudi Research & Marketing Ltd.

The design demonstrates the far-reaching influence of the H.H. Saudi Research & Marketing Ltd in the public media sector through the creation of distinct zones in the new space and featuring the world map throughout the office. We have created a balanced workplace that combines to provide staff with an engaging work environment where they can be comfortable and easily interact with each other. The blend of traditional work spaces, high-end executive offices and modern breakout spaces is tied together with attractive details and warm walnut finishes, creating a workplace that encompasses the brand.

The design concept was the vision of Mr. Waleed Al Sagga, General Manager Support Services and Protocol, and an architect based in the Group Head Office (Saudi Research & Marketing Group - SRMG) in Riyadh. Brought to life by the in-house design team at Peldon Rose and through dedicated collaboration and a thorough design development process between Peldon Rose and Mr. Waleed M. Al Sagga, we arrived at a final design concept that embodied the needs of H.H. Saudi Research & Marketing Ltd. The success of this project relied on precision, regular communication and a commitment to the common goal of achieving an incredible solution. 

An inspiring location

As we have previously delivered several offices in Chiswick Park, including Aker Solutions and Baker Hughes, we applied our excellent knowledge of the buildings and regulations at Chiswick Park to ensure H.H. Saudi’s exceptional new workspace was delivered on schedule.

H.H. Saudi Research & Marketing Ltd took space in Building 7 at Chiswick Park to make a positive statement with the relocation of their London office and also to ensure that all staff would have an enriching working environment. Chiswick Park is a stylish and impressive location which elevates H.H. Saudi’s brand image and attracts new talent as they look to develop, expand and grow their business. Located on the 10th floor, the new office has an impressive view over Chiswick Park and the surrounding area. The view energises the space but most importantly, being on the 10th floor maximises the natural light in the office.

Another important feature that we worked with alongside H.H. Saudi was integrating the world map into the office design. Throughout the space, we have installed map motifs of the world and Saudi Arabia, as a tribute to the connections the company has created throughout the world.


Many of our clients including H.H. Saudi have retained our services afterwards and we are delighted to be assisting them with planned and preventative building and ongoing support maintenance to ensure the building and teams can continue to operate at optimum levels. Our 24-hour a day maintenance service provides them with complete peace of mind.

reception desk
reception seating
hh saudi boardroom

A memorable workspace

Showcasing the brand and identity of H.H. Saudi was an important part of the office design, so the idea was to build an atmosphere within the office that was distinctly theirs and represented H.H. Saudi in London. This precision was achieved, and is best portrayed, by the magnificence of the reception which creates a true sense of arrival and leaves an impression as soon as you enter the office.

To maintain a bright and comfortable working environment throughout the rest of the space, calm, light colours have been used to enhance the busy editorial area. Our in-house furniture team worked in partnership with H.H. Saudi to carefully select pieces which complemented the design and culture.

Our in-house Mechanical & Electrical team were an essential part of the office design project as we installed a 300 Amp back-up generator to back up all the power and the lighting for the whole floor, as well as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). The UPS will back up the comms room and the small power if there is a power failure. The generators have been configured to start two minutes after power failure. We have also provided generator back up to certain elements of the landlord’s power supply to keep the entire building running as well.

hh saudi reception
hh saudi meeting room
I thank the Peldon Rose management for their professionalism which ensured the project finished on schedule and met our expectations.

Eng. Waleed M. Al Sagga

General Manager Support Services & Protocol

hh saudi office executive
hh saudi shower room
hh saudi teapoint