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Office relocation for Total Media

Total Media are the behavioural planning agency that creates profiles of people based on their behaviours rather than generic social or demographic groups. Having left their office in Kensington, which had been their home for over 30 years, they have relocated to Noel Street in Soho. Total Media have shifted to a smart working office to match their ambitions for growth as a business. Having always differentiated themselves through their location, moving to the heart of Soho provides a great platform for their people as well as creating exciting opportunities for attracting new clients.

As the behavioural planning agency, the office design needed to engage people’s senses and inspire them. We worked closely with Total Media to understand their people and what they felt they needed to improve in how they worked as individuals but also as a larger team. The new office creates an impact and embodies the fun, creative environment at Total Media as soon as you enter reception.

The layout of the office has helped encourage a great atmosphere in the space that matches the fun culture at Total Media. It is an intuitive workspace that gives flexibility and freedom to use different areas to suit their working styles, as well as to facilitate better collaboration on projects.

Biophilic design

Having left Kensington, Total Media wanted to bring outside indoors to replicate the parks and green spaces which had been so popular near their previous office. This led us to design and create Soho Park as the staff relaxation space that allows people to take time away from their desks. It can be used as a meeting room, but it can’t be booked out, which encourages people to use the space to take a quick break and recharge. To maximise the flow of natural light and create a feeling of openness, we removed the existing walls in the corner of the office and replaced them with large windows to provide a view onto Berwick Street and Noel Street.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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