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A refreshed HQ for Mulvaney Capital Management

Project team

Mulvaney Capital, an investment management company, trusted Peldon Rose to fit out its previous City of London office on Copthall Avenue back in 2016. In the years that followed Covid lockdowns, Mulvaney recognised the need to downsize while retaining a sophisticated yet spacious office for its team. Peldon Rose was entrusted to facilitate its relocation to Moorgate Place, just a stone’s throw away due to our sleek, mature design and the credibility of our dedicated SME team.

The vision was to create a destination workplace that exuded professionalism while providing a comfortable environment that efficiently accommodated its specialist team’s blend of office and remote working. Peldon Rose successfully delivered on that vision, creating an energized and modern workplace that became the first office fit-out within the building.

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Company logo atop bespoke joinery in a contemporary office reception area

A professional first impression

To welcome colleagues or clients into the space, Mulvaney opted for a sleek waiting area rather than a reception desk, as the building’s main entrance greets visitors with a dedicated concierge service. A bespoke timber divider featuring a polished printed logo and seating area provides a professional yet warm arrival.

Beyond the welcoming waiting area, the office journey begins with a boardroom and a meeting room, followed by an open-plan collaboration area. The journey is completed with a social tea point area and a tucked away gym. Recognising that employees spend time in both the office and at home throughout the week, Mulvaney needed a workspace that was inviting for employees and large enough to accommodate for everyone to have their own desk when they did come into the office, as well as areas for social interactions.

View gallery Biophilia within an office space to harness wellbeing in the workplace
View gallery Biophilia flourishes in a modern office with desking and exposed mechanical and engineering services in the ceiling

Improving employee wellbeing and comfort

The design incorporates a variety of different spaces that enable employees to adapt their work styles, with agile furniture and sound management features, such as acoustic curtains for more private meetings. The overall floor design aims to create an abundance of natural light, achieved through glass partitions that allow light to flood through the meeting rooms and into the adjacent open-plan workspace.

The aesthetic design of industrial black metal and warm wood finishes, complemented by contrasting colour combinations and accent lighting create an energised environment that employees would enjoy working in. Biophilic elements are incorporated throughout the design to promote employee wellbeing and productivity, creating a tranquil and calm environment with proven health benefits. Peldon Rose also integrated Mulvaney's existing on-site gym into the design, encouraging employees the chance to use it either at lunch or outside work hours, also supporting their physical health and wellness.

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Office tea point with high stools, exposed mechanical and engineering services, and modern feature lighting
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Office gym complete with a weight rack and exercise balls, promoting wellness and activity at work

A tranquil space to socialise

Mulvaney aimed to make its new workspace an attractive location that offered a different environment from working from home. The tea point and social gathering area are focal points, within the space. The vision for the tea point was to create a bright, open breakfast bar area that could double as a social space in the evenings. The blend of black metal finishes with wooden breakfast stools and muted pink lounge-style seating creates a relaxed atmosphere, accentuated by biophilic elements and natural lighting that cultivate the feeling of an outdoor environment. The tea point acts as a breakout space between the open-plan collaboration areas and the meeting rooms, providing a place for its people to eat or take a break from their desks, fostering different working styles.

View gallery Small and simple boardroom with ergonomic chairs and plenty of natural light
View gallery Small meeting room with a round table and chair, large windows, and wall art

Partnering with Mulvaney Capital again to create a people-centric workspace was incredible. Due to our long-standing relationship, we understood their needs and designed facilities like the gym that encourages the wellbeing of the team

Jonathan Dawes, Head of SME at Peldon Rose

A sustainable approach

The project was completed with zero waste to landfill, focusing on reusing much of Mulvaney Capital’s existing furniture from their previous office. Peldon Rose ensured that all new furniture and any materials were procured from ethical suppliers that were as environmentally friendly as possible.

Mulvaney Capital required a professional workspace that blended tradition with employee wellbeing, and Peldon Rose delivered a relocation and designed an energised, welcoming environment that truly caters for its people.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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