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A musically designed office for BMG

Having completed our first office for BMG in Wigmore Street some years before, the company had outgrown their office space and chose to relocate their office to a 17,000 sq ft space in Paddington Basin.

BMG is a new kind of music company, housing the traditionally separate record company and music publisher functions under one roof with a philosophy based on three key principles – transparency, fairness and service. It was important that the company’s new office reflects these values.

BMG’s service-orientation meant the office should have created a professional atmosphere, as well as reflecting its music heritage. Our in-house furniture team tried to capture this balance of clean cut style and heritage with all the furniture we introduced to the new office. BMG is proud of its collaborative culture and combined with their core values of transparency and fairness, it was clear BMG needed an open-plan layout with lots of glass to promote a transparent work environment. Reinforcing their transparency, we strategically placed the boardroom in the centre of the office so you have to walk through the office to reach it.

As working at a record label and music group is a pretty big deal, we wanted our project to reflect this by offering a real wow factor. A key challenge on this project was to create an industrial warehouse vibe within a modern office block. This challenge was similar to the one which we had overcome previously for BMG in their Wigmore Street offices.

Their reception area now makes a bold statement and is positioned to maximise features such as exposed brick walls, industrial iron beams, spotlights and a homely front of house seating area. Behind reception is probably one of the most unusual features we’ve installed into an office: two soundproof acoustic rooms. These rooms simulate a recording studio and allow any of BMG’s music artists to perform without the fear of having to ‘turn the volume down’.

And now to the spotlight. We created a stunning multifunctional lounge/café/bar and venue for performers and staff. Through the use of foldable walls, this versatile space can be used as an open plan lunch area or can be sectioned off, creating an intimate space where artists can perform on the raised stage. Stackable galvanised steel Xavier Pauchard chairs add to flexibility of the space.

Throughout the office we gave the BMG team ample opportunity to carve their own identity into the space, by creating blank canvases – blackboards, whiteboards, empty spaces - to populate their workspace with their own memorabilia, discs and magazines.

Throughout the project we worked closely with the client to ensure they have a new workspace which, truly represents them and the experience they provide for their clients.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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