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A timeless workspace for World Gold Council

Commanding, dramatic design

Gold is synonymous with opulence and luxury. However, the World Gold Council wanted their office to display anything but that. Instead, the emphasis needed to be on gravitas, sustainability, excellence in research, investment and technology in gold. Their new London office needed to be future proof and timeless, while retaining a touch of drama.

The new Old Bailey location allowed us to work with truly striking architecture. So, once we had a sound understanding of the building, we set out to create a modern space that looks like it was built from scratch, specifically for the World Gold Council. It was this attention to detail that helped us to win the Best Interior Design for London award at the 2010 UK Commercial Property Awards.

We drew inspiration from the dramatic sloping glazed and steel atrium, designing a reception area to echo those elegant lines and work with the base architecture. The front of house reception area makes a powerful and professional statement, helping to create a strong first impression when you walk into the office.

Once you enter the offices themselves, the interior is lined with Wenge veneers next to white glass partitions and floating walls. This design fills their office space with drama and generates a commanding sense of importance. Of course, we couldn't entirely exclude gold in the workspace, but we kept it subtle, with pendant lighting and inlaid carpeting to soften the design.

Furniture played a huge role in this project, iconic designs transformed the space to match the quality of the company and create the look of sleek professionalism you would expect from the World Gold Council. Our in-house furniture team provided all new furniture for the office and created distinctly different looks in the office space. With the front of house areas and board rooms designed to impress, the office itself uses colourful and creative furniture to break up the bold and powerful setting. The kitchen area is a bright blue colour and provides a space for staff to socialise and eat lunch. Added seating areas in the middle of the office provide a space for staff to recharge or host informal catch-ups away from their desks.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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