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Boosting tenant wellbeing at Warwick House

  • 3,500 sq ft
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Leading asset management firm, Columbia Threadneedle Investments, has a growing portfolio of offices stretching through Farringdon and Clerkenwell. Its latest project in the highly sought-after area of Victoria, needed to be a smart, sophisticated space to attract prospective tenants.

Working alongside property management and building consultancy firm Workman, on behalf of Columbia Threadneedle Investments, Peldon Rose were originally tasked with the fit out of the ground floor of Warwick House on Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria. The project soon evolved to include the lower ground floor and Peldon Rose used their strong relationship and connection with Columbia Threadneedle Investments to build on the original designs, adding value to create a prestigious, lettable space.

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Amenities build to boost tenant wellbeing

As a Cat A fit-out, Peldon Rose were able to tailor the design to one that could easily be updated for any prospective tenant, optimising the space available to achieve its full potential. Peldon Rose’s expert landlord team recognised the space as more than just an office that tenants could work from, but instead one with amenities that added to the wellbeing of users, making it a more attractive offering. Showers and changing facilities have been carefully configured within the design, encouraging active commutes or to support those who take the time within their working day to visit the gym or run around the impressive surrounding areas. These amenities include a disabled toilet and shower to ensure that the facilities are inclusive.

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For many people that active commute means cycling to work rather than taking public transport. This means that there is a greater need for secure cycle storage within office spaces. Within the lower ground floor, next to the shower and changing facilities, a safe and secure bike store has been created.

Tea points on each floor provide the perfect landscape for informal conversations or social interactions, both of which are important aspects for prospective tenants looking to bring their employees back together after a long period away from the office. For Columbia Threadneedle Investments, they are now able to offer two new modern office spaces where every occupant has access to these state-of-the-art facilities.

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Simplicity is key

Aesthetically, the office design takes inspiration from the royal surrounding area of Victoria and Buckingham Palace Road. The sophisticated, yet simple, open-plan office caters for those businesses who are looking for a smart, modern space within the heart of London. A carefully selected neutral colour scheme of navy blue, white and beige adds a level of prestige and can be seen across both levels. On the lower ground floor, the changing facilities add a level of contrast with these muted tones. As you enter, a striking orange ceiling adds a pop of colour, whilst a royal blue elements reflect the regal surroundings.

‘Having such a prestigious surrounding and knowing the value of the area, meant that we really wanted the design to reflect this throughout. In particular, with royalty not far away, elements such as the royal blue have added a subtle nod to these surroundings.’

A client for life

Having worked closely with Columbia Threadneedle Investments and knowing the types of tenants that they are looking to attract, Peldon Rose have transformed the space into one that is inviting and sophisticated and with high-end finishes. Clear communication throughout the project has seen the relationship between Columbia Threadneedle Investments and Peldon Rose grow from strength-to-strength.

‘Working with Columbia Threadneedle Investments on another successful project, and through the challenges presented over the past year, further cements our growing relationship. We pride ourselves on our client for life values and it is projects like this that demonstrate our ability to deliver excellence for our clients across London time and again

Kevin Wither, Head of Landlord
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