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Office relocation for Town Legal

Town Legal are a leading boutique planning law firm providing advice on large planning law matters. They are a growing business so needed an office space which they could expand into as their headcount increases. Relocating to a 4,800 sq ft space in Throgmorton Avenue gave them the opportunity to create a functional, modern office interior design which encapsulates their identity.

One of the key visions for the new office design was to move away from a cellular work space. We used the building exterior as inspiration to create a clean, professional design which aligns with the Town Legal’s identity as a boutique legal firm. We introduced soft, homely finishes throughout the office to establish a less formal environment leaving behind the traditional look and feel synonymous with City law firms.

To inspire staff integration and collaboration, we created spaces away from the desking. The library, collaboration bench and tea point encourage better interaction but also provide areas for more confidential work. The front of house meeting suite can accommodate for larger meetings and seminars as well as smaller meetings. The open reception space is designed to be used for client events, so we kept this space quite informal and relaxed.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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