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Embracing heritage with the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SCP) relocated to Providence Square in Bermondsey and wanted their new office to be a more contemporary and engaging space. The new office needed to be an inviting space which showcases their proud heritage and offers a comfortable working environment.

For the project to have a positive impact on SCP, the new office design needed to exhibit their proud heritage. As a not-for-profit and educational institution, our ideas needed to be considerate of their budget throughout the project. Through initial workplace consultancy, we were able to create a workspace ideal for the business, their staff and society members.

Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists main boardroom

As SCP had moved out of a cellular office environment, we worked closely with their staff to help determine what type of space would best suit them and their company. It was obvious that our design needed to focus on a smart working space with hot-desking to a flexible, space-efficient solution. In an effort to modernise the office design and maximise the use of the space, we installed agile working throughout the office.

As the building lacked air-conditioning and ventilation, it was essential to completely strip the building out and carry out full CAT A and CAT B fit outs. By working with both the client and landlord, we were able to conduct CAT A and B works in conjunction with each other, saving our client both time and money.

Workplace consultancy

The SCP office in Mill Street is special as it is used as both a workspace and a central hub for the society, where they hold committee meetings for their 10,000 member chiropodists and podiatrists. The office is constantly visited by their members and guests and this meant the office needed to be modern and welcoming as well as a showcase of the society’s heritage.

In order to successfully deliver their new office, it was essential for our workplace strategy team to engage and communicate with the SCP staff and members. Hosting a series of workshops and presentations for approximately 6 months allowed us to develop ideas and introduce them to the changes that we were implementing. We walked SCP through the process and explained how they would be able to use the space more efficiently and how moving to an agile environment would be more rewarding and cost effective for the business. We took on this responsibility to ensure we avoided any disruption to the office and enabled SCP to continue operating efficiently for all staff and guests.

Meeting rooms with manifestations on glass

An agile working environment

As a result of moving into an agile working environment, we were able to reduce SCP’s occupied floor space by 50%. This significant reduction was an integral part of the project as it freed up extra budget for new furniture and other spend. Our in-house design team focused on space planning and workplace consultancy to make sure an intelligent design was delivered on budget, and on schedule. Lockers have been installed so that staff can conveniently store their belongings to help maintain a tidy and uncluttered work environment.

With the extra floor space, we designed the office to be a functional and homely environment with multi-purpose areas. To bring an energy to the space, the front of house library area serves as an inviting reception space for guests and a soft meeting area for staff.

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists new kitchen and tea point

The boardroom is used as the main meeting space for the society as well as hosting small training sessions. This multi-purpose, cost-effective space can also be used for daily tasks throughout the year. Having this purpose built office was an excellent way to make the space cost-effective without splashing out on a lavish meeting space. For more private meetings, smaller offices were fitted for the senior staff so that they can comfortably hold small meetings for 2-3 people. In keeping with the agile working environment, our in-house furniture team installed all new furniture, such as high-backed sofas, so that impromptu meetings can be held around the office space without taking up meeting rooms.

Library and social seating area for the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Office identity and heritage

The library area is the main client facing space which has been installed instead of a traditional reception area. As you enter the building and walk into the front of house, there are eye-catching plaques recording the previous chairman and presidents of the society. These dates show the rich history of the society and as you continue through to the library space, there are stacks of historical volumes and reference books available to read.

To complement the heritage of the society, we have included their traditional logo throughout the space to really support the authenticity and heritage of the society. In order to modernise the identity of the society, the colours and design of this motif are integrated into the geometric manifestations found throughout the space. The lines and colours help to modernise and uplift and elevate the space and make it a more welcoming place to be.

Comfortable, high-backed seating
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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