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Office refurbishment for The Argyll Club

The Argyll Club is a leading premium business club offering membership across 38 central London locations. It offers a collection of workspace solutions with a tailored concierge service. Their King William Street location had previously undergone an office refurbishment, so we were delighted to partner with The Argyll Club once again to transform key areas in their Bishopsgate site. The Bishopsgate office is based in the heart of Spitalfields, set against the backdrop of London's bustling financial district.

Our vision for the office design was to make better use of the space by opening-up and improving the facilities for co-working and meeting spaces. We also introduced additional areas for collaborating and socialising with a new kitchen and a dedicated Members’ Lounge. We re-worked the existing floorplans to maximise the square footage and transformed the space by removing closed rooms and re-locating some of the facilities. This enabled smarter and accessible workspaces to be effectively maximised. We also introduced attractive smart lockers for members to use and to ensure clutter free workspaces.

The existing reception area was transformed both functionally and aesthetically, in order to create a more expansive area with a compelling art-deco theme, to impress visitors. The reconfiguration required adjusting the existing fabric of the building by removing walls to open-up the space. We also needed to effectively represent the strong Argyll Club brand values and compliment the contemporary style of the building.

A new members’ lounge

We introduced a new members’ lounge on the ground floor which is a dedicated space for members. The centrepiece of the lounge is a bespoke table alongside comfortable booth seating where members can look out to the bustling outside word. Above hangs a variety of designer pendulum lighting. In the lounge, members are also able to enjoy a range of beverage options serviced by concierge.

Adding value

Formerly an unused part of the building, we successfully released an additional space renovating the basement adding two meeting rooms which were furnished with high quality furniture, subtle art-deco wall coverings and soft neutral flooring.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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