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Creating a sustainable showroom for Tarkett

  • 3,608 sq ft
  • Clerkenwell
  • Manufacturing

As world leaders in innovative flooring and sustainability woven into the fabric of all that it does, Tarkett’s new showroom in the heart of the design district in Clerkenwell, London had to clearly embody its brand and values. As one of Peldon Rose’s trusted suppliers and having previously worked on the creation of its Ashford workspace, we jumped at the opportunity to redesign the showroom bringing to life its vision of a sustainable and showstopping destination.
Tarkett’s original showroom felt dated and was not reflective of its leading status in innovative flooring solutions. The new design is a diverse, multi-functional showroom; a place that meets the demands of the market and showcases its diverse product range.

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tarkett showroom high tables

A project like no other

The office refurbishment of the showroom presented our SME team with a unique opportunity to work alongside Tarkett’s in-house design team to create a showcase for its products, focusing on a retail experience that puts the customer journey at the forefront.

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Bringing Tarkett’s brand identity to life

Our design team explored the range of products and fabrics that Tarkett offers, intricately weaving them into the design detail. Its homogenous recycled vinyl flooring has been repurposed and used as wall vinyl and as a bar wrap creating a unique finish.

The variety of flooring that has been used within different sections of the showrooms has all been chosen from Tarkett’s circular selection, where collected product material is recycled into new raw material. On the lower ground floor, Desso carpets, a sub-brand of Tarkett, has been fitted to create a quieter working environment, ensuring that each meeting room is acoustically sound by helping to eliminate excessive noise.

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tarkett showroom producs

The colour scheme that has been used throughout embraces the vibrant blue of Tarkett’s visual brand identity. The high ceilings not only give a light airy feel but have been painted blue creating a dramatic effect. The colour scheme continues throughout and features on the shelving units and furnishings. The dramatic nature of the industrial brick walling and steel pillars has been softened using furnishings including Tarkett’s own new range of rugs.

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tarkett showroom sample space

Committed to sustainability

Tarkett’s commitment to making a positive impact on people and the planet had to be reflected within its new showroom, with sustainability playing a key role in the design and fit-out of the space. Its current move towards a more circular economy model, which includes the repeated reuse of resources, had to be considered by the team and embedded within the design. For Tarkett, the showroom had to represent its innovative and sustainable approach to not only their products but also the showroom itself.

To build a sustainable showroom, the design team challenged their own thinking, ensuring that all product considerations went one step further to contribute to a circular economy. From the use of its recycled products within the design, to upcycling furniture where possible, sustainability has been considered at every stage of the process.

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tarkett showroom sameples
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tarkett showroom seating detail

A showcase for new products

With a brand-new range of products that it had previously not been able to showcase in their old showroom, a destination has been created where Tarkett now can not only showcase their products but demonstrate the different uses for each helping to meet the demands of the market and providing a competitive edge.

Tarkett can now proudly host events in its showroom with customers, suppliers, and team. The diversity of space creates an immersive experience for customers where they can look, touch, and try out the products available. The creation of the bar area establishes a social hub whilst the high tables provide an area for Tarkett to host product sessions and demonstrations with its own teams. Each of these areas is equipped with the facilities to offer an enhanced experience for the user in an inviting and welcoming way.

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tarkett showroom samples

Diversity of space

Below the showroom, the lower ground floor has undergone a full refurbishment with Peldon Rose creating a smart back of house area for its teams to work from when operating from London. Tarkett’s requirement for both a design studio and meeting rooms needed careful planning to optimise the square footage available. Working alongside Fusion Partitions, two meeting rooms now sit adjacent to a creative studio where its teams can come together to collaborate and create the next leading product in flooring design.

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Client for life

Peldon Rose’s unique partnership with Tarkett is one that has grown from strength to strength, not only through the creation of its workplace in Ashford but also as one of Peldon Rose’s trusted suppliers. Having a clear understanding of Tarkett’s products and values and with a holistic approach to sustainability, Peldon Rose have produced a showroom that creates an impactful retail experience whilst embracing sustainable practices.

Head of SME, Jonathan Dawes, said: “it as brilliant to partner with Tarkett again and help them to deliver their vision for their new Clerkenwell showroom. As always, their commitment to a sustainable approach to the build was exemplary and the ongoing knowledge that they share with us is part of the added value of this relationship.”

Firstly, on behalf of all the Tarkett UK&I Team I’d like to thank you for your professionalism and all-round amazing job that has been done on the refurbishment of our Tarkett London Showroom. The Team at Peldon Rose took the ‘daunting’ task out of our hands and led the build efficiently and brilliantly.

Ross Dight, Director
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tarkett showroom workspace
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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