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Project Team

Space to house a growing team for Sona Assest Management

Sona Asset Management are an industry leading investment management firm located in the affluent St James, Mayfair and a stone’s throw away from London’s vibrant West End. As an international business with an exclusive clientele, Sona Asset Management wanted a new location that reflects the high-end nature of the business, as well as housing its growing team.

After selecting 20 St James’s Street, Sona Asset Management turned to Peldon Rose and project managers, Sam Stock Associates, to help bring their vision to life. The floorplate itself presented a strategic opportunity to drive in the possibility of growth whilst providing a short term sublet option, enabling Sona Asset Management a level of flexibility. Peldon Rose presented Day 1 and Day 2 plans that would demonstrate the development of their occupation over time, with two thirds of the floorplate being built as a high-end new space for its team and the other third as a sub-lettable space, that over time could be amalgamated into one larger Sona Asset Management office.

A timeless space

Peldon Rose created an environment that reflects both the statement address and period features of the recently refurbished property, the wow factor you feel upon entering 20 St James’s Street ground floor lobby is continued as you journey through to Sona Asset Management’s second floor office space. The reception is elegant, yet understated, creating a gallery-like feel. A level of warmth and consistency in the design language has been achieved by taking inspiration from the ground floor lobby which has been complemented with soft furnishings and gold elements.

Bordering the reception and separate from the open-plan area, two meeting rooms and a generous boardroom create an impressive and inviting sense of arrival and hospitality. Each has been created using a timeless colour scheme to ensure longevity. Soft greys and whites combined with the wooden flooring help to create a subtle yet high-end finish. The technology in each room ensures that all manner of meetings can take place no matter where in the world Sona Asset Management’s teams or clients are. Due to the nature of the business taking place, high levels of acoustic and visual privacy are needed. Peldon Rose’s mechanical and electrical teams have worked cohesively alongside acousticians and designers to ensure the acoustic performance of the office has been delivered to the highest standard.

Bespoke finishes

From the moment you step out of the lift and travel through the office, bespoke fixtures and finishes elevate your experience. The marble reception desk is contrasted against the concrete rendered wall that sits behind it. Pale oak veneer flooring has been used throughout the reception and meeting spaces. Brushed gold has been added in different textures, from the soft furnishings to wall cladding. Bespoke cabinetry and joinery have been built into the breakout spaces, offering a unique solution to the previous lack of amenities for Sona Asset Management.

Bringing the team together

A key feature of the project was to reunite Sona Asset Management’s team, following a period of working in silos. In addition to desk areas which will allow the team to continue to grow, particular focus was put on the breakout area. High seating means the team can come together to enjoy lunch or celebrate the end of the week with a drink. Having the opportunity to socialise will be key for Sona Asset Management as they continue to grow, while building relationships within an informal setting.

A lettable to space that harnesses growth

Adjacent to Sona Asset Management’s new office sits a lettable space that is ready for occupancy. With two meeting rooms and a large breakout area, Peldon Rose have created a workplace that can be easily sublet in the short term whilst also easily adaptable for Sona Asset Management’s future growth. It has been designed so that a single wall can be removed to reconnect the two spaces. Project Director, Steve Taylor, said: “We really wanted to create an office that would be unmistakably Sona. An environment that would connect their teams, attract new talent and assist Sona in achieving their future business aspirations.”

Working in partnership

Working alongside Sam Stock Associates, Peldon Rose took the time to really understand Sona Asset Management, adding value at every opportunity. Marrying up the expectations and budgets with the aesthetic style that Sona Asset Management required has resulted in an inspiring, future-proof office for Sona Asset Management’s team to evolve and thrive in. Peldon Rose have delivered an impressive workspace that creates a level of sophistication, all within the expectations and budgets of the client.

Georgia Nogas, Senior Project Designer said: “The visual impact of Sona’s new space creates a feeling of exclusivity, something that was key within the original brief. It truly represents who Sona Asset Management are and the clients that they work with. Working closely with both the client and project manager, we took the time to understand their team’s needs and wants as well as how best they could adapt the space for growth.”

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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