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Breaking down barriers with SEGA

  • 18,000 sq ft
  • Brentford
  • Technology

SEGA is all about vibrancy and creativity but their cellular office structure didn’t reflect their key values. A full office refurbishment was just what they needed to bring out the life, colour and fun that was bubbling beneath the surface.

We coordinated the refurbishment around SEGA’s people while they stayed working in the office. Even though we carried out most of the fit-out during office hours, we limited the noisier work to early mornings and late nights.

Their new open plan office space makes for a more engaging and transparent way of working. We kept most of the finishes timeless and classic, but with a contemporary twist in just the right places. Adding in engaging visuals, like the life-size Sonic, throughout the office interior adds more excitement to the office as well as embracing their iconic brand identity.

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By reconfiguring their office interior design, we were able to add more meeting spaces and more shared zones. A gaming zone provides a relaxation area for staff and celebrates the success of SEGA’s games across various consoles and platforms. Spacious meeting areas provide private working areas that look out onto the rest of the office.

Installed by our furniture experts, the seating and colours used in the reception area and throughout the rest of the office interior now reflects SEGA’s fun, youthful spirit. Their fast-moving and inventive industry can now be accurately represented by their workspace and shine in every corner of their office.

View gallery Game consoles in SEGA's social space and breakout area
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SEGA's glass paneled meeting rooms

Once again we are absolutely delighted with this piece of work; Peldon Rose worked well with us whilst the refurbishment was carried out in-situ.

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Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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