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Changing perceptions with Save the Children

Save the Children asked us to help change their ways of working as well as their public perception. By regenerating their Westminster offices on a tight budget and schedule, Peldon Rose were awarded three awards in 2012: Best International Office Interior, Best Office Interior UK and Best Office Interior London.

By opening the workspace up, we have taken the client from cellular to open plan and given them an engagement suite, collaboration areas and tea points out in the open. With air con and flood wiring, this office refurbishment totally changed the dynamic of their workplace by maximising the use of space to set our clients up for the future. Ultimately it is the design that brings 30 Orange Street to life: stylish office furniture and natural hues mixed with aqua and spicy orange evoke a sense of the beautiful places where they work around the world. The colour palette for this office was specifically chosen to create a suave and sophisticated environment that fitted with Save the Children’s effort to modernise their image and alter people’s perception of them.

Comfortable seating and curtain separation in collaboration area

Another special aspect of the redesign of their London office was integrating welcoming seating areas. The Peldon Rose furniture team have turned the office into a more diverse working environment. Collaborations are at the heart of Save the Children’s work and by refurbishing their office with a variety of new seating areas including lunch benches, high-backed sofas and a homely lounge area, their office interior is now set up to encourage greater interaction between staff. Bold, striking graphic panels are featured throughout the office to celebrate the fantastic work which this charity does.

The right office environment promotes collaborative working, innovation and happy workers - and we are lucky to have all of these.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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