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A workplace reconfiguration for Revlon

When Revlon decided to hand back some meeting space to their landlord, the challenge was to reconfigure the workspace to create the perfect environment to suit their staff and wow visitors during presentations, conferences and press launches.

The London office interior had to be refurbished into an open plan workspace so their people can easily collaborate on exciting and inspirational projects. We built in new power, voice and data to provide the technology their business needs and this fits in with the dynamic Revlon brand and stylish image. By using a bold monochrome colour pattern, we could emphasise a fashionable office worthy of Revlon and create a dramatic workspace that reflects their contemporary, fresh outlook. Bold blocks of colour alongside examples of their product and brand provide a striking visual that fits with Revlon’s brand.

With a monochrome backdrop, optimising light was essential in the office. To achieve this, we maximised natural light by using glass walls in meeting rooms and offices and used large sections of bright white walls. Communal spaces, like the open plan kitchen, helps ensure staff can easily prepare meals and have a comfortable place to enjoy lunch together. These shared areas are versatile, light and spacious and are used by Revlon for presentations and launches held at the office space.

The Revlon office refurbishment posed an extra challenge as they wanted us to do it all during working hours, which was a good test for our specialist in-house refurbishment team. They were responsible for making sure we carried out the work with minimal disruption to the Revlon team and delivered the refurbished office on schedule. This project pinned on a delivering a balance between fitting the new office design and managing a successful cooperation with the Revlon team.

Naturally, as the project was in-situ, there was some disruption while we worked, but the Peldon Rose team handled it with the utmost sensitivity and care.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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