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Maximising space efficiency for Primary Capital Partners

  • 0 - 50 Employees
  • 4,000 sq ft
  • Austin Friars

We first worked with Primary Capital Partners LLP 15 years ago and they approached us again to deliver an office refurbishment in Austin Friars, City. Our brief was to deliver an updated office environment that flows better, looks visually impressive and maximises space efficiency. By refurbishing their existing office design and reclaiming underused space, we added new practical spaces like a larger tea point and a welcoming front of house area. Their workplace is now more modern and has a more positive flow throughout.

This office refurbishment project focused on repurposing underused space, so we stripped out partitions to improve the office layout. We assessed the workplace and identified how Primary could optimise their space. This was achieved by adding an extra meeting room, converting a 3-person office into a 6-person office and creating a more welcoming front of house.

To elevate the front of house area, we added comfortable soft seating to make the entrance to the office warmer and more inviting. We have used Primary’s brand colours to uplift the space and new furniture, installed by our in-house furniture team, has been used to soften the entrance to the office.

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Brightly lit boardroom for Primary Capital Partners
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Primary own a collection of brand-inspired artwork that they hadn’t previously been able to display due to lack of visible space. The new office design has created areas for the artwork to be displayed and allows Primary to show off who they are as a brand. The artwork adds a big splash of personality to the space and specific pieces of the collection exhibit beautifully with the walnut finishes used throughout the meeting rooms and executive offices. The workplace design benefits from this marriage of modernism and tradition and has revitalised the office.

We needed to refurbish out office and use our space better. Thoughtful, strategic improvements have made this a more efficient office space.

We installed a folding wall system between two 6-person meeting rooms to create a flexible solution so that larger meetings can easily be hosted when required as well as retaining smaller meeting rooms that can be used individually. We also personalised each office by using a combination of hydraulic and regular desking solutions to help individuals work within a space that best suits their requirements.

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Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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