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A flexible, open-plan space for PPL

Improving staff experience

PPL wanted to make the most of their vibrant company culture and give their people somewhere to relax away from their desks as well as creating more meeting space. The new flexible, open-plan design has transformed the way the organisation collaborates and optimises their office space.

  • 19,000 sq ft office space
  • Optimise the space for growing occupancy
  • Create a community hub for staff to break away from their desks

"The design shows how we've moved to a new working style at PPL. The whole refurbishment has encouraged a fast paced, agile workspace."

Optimising office space

PPL are responsible for licensing music played in public and then distributing the license fees to the performer and rights holders. The new office design at their office in 1 Upper James Street, Soho reflects the creativity and energy of their industry. Our office refurbishment project with PPL was initiated by their growth as they increased the headcount in their building. They wanted to optimise their office space to add in more desking and also free up space to create areas for staff that would enable more integration and somewhere for staff to relax away from their desks.

Flexible breakout space

By refurbishing their office space, PPL could make a more positive use of their office space and create a new layout across the floors which allowed them to use the space more intelligently. Following staff engagement surveys, PPL wanted a space for their workforce to engage with each other, to relax, to have fun but also to have a place for quiet work and meetings.

Their previous office floors were set up in a very traditional style which relied on closed off cellular meeting spaces and traditional workstations. By proposing a new office design and space plan, we released the entire fifth floor to create a flexible space that creates a destination to encourage staff to collaborate, improve cross departmental communications and support meetings in an open plan, agile environment.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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