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Polen Capitals' first UK office

  • 3,600 SQ FT

Polen Capital are a client-focused, long term, safe and secure strategic investments company who build the relationships on trust.

Their brief was clear - to set up their first UK office within a six-week timeframe and were originally exploring the traditional fit out route. We demonstrated the benefits of design and build with a single point of contact throughout the project, enabling us to quickly develop a scheme and provide options with costs for context, improving decision making times and room for error.

Our design team created various space options and shipped samples to their American office for sign off, followed up by remote decision-making process. We then continued with weekly photo progress updates and video walk arounds of the space to provide the client as much visibility during such a challenging time. We also managed their AV install, meaning the client didn’t require any people on the ground, reducing risk.

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A client-facing space with global brand consistency

The American based firm worked with Peldon Rose to create their first UK office located at Austin Friars, London. We worked closely with Polen to adapt their U.S design to fit with European styles and trends whilst ensuring that the offices still retained a shared identity and global brand consistency.

As a client facing office, the space required a high-end feel without being ostentatious, ensuring their clients and employees felt welcomed and comfortable. We created open plan setting for their general workforce as well as four offices for their senior managers, enclosed and open meeting spaces throughout.

The tea point was a focus as an area, which would be open to the entire office and visible from the client waiting area. This space also doubled up as their all hands area, where the team come together to share business updates, plus companywide video conferencing with other global locations.

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A remote yet collaborative decision-making process

Polen Capital managed the project from their office in Boca Raton, Florida, taking social distancing to a new extreme! The nature of the project meant that all meetings and interactions were carried out virtually, which seemed novel prior to Covid-19 restrictions, which impacted halfway through the build.

Fortunately, our communications channels were already set up, meaning the 3000 mile distance didn’t impact the process and actually highlighted the way in which projects can effectively be delivered from a distance, which is especially poignant in world we find ourselves in.

Working in this way during the planning and delivery of the projects, helped our team understand the importance of communication to Polen Capital. Regular communication with the United States is also critical to their business, meaning high specification of audio-visual and video conferencing were installed throughout the workspace, to allow Polen to share key knowledge with their global teams.

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A relationship built on trust

Project director Benjamin Sollis explains “We built a trusting relationship with the client. Every week we would meet to discuss through our situations, during such a heightened time and impacts of Covid-19, really helped us understand each other, resulting in a great project delivery”.

“It was challenging to complete the works when lockdown came in halfway through the project, however we’re proud of how the team pulled together and continued momentum, ensured high standards of health and safety and delivered a great project”.

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Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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