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A move away from tradition for Peachey and Co LLP

As a traditional law firm with a rich history dating back to 1793, commercial practice Peachey & Co LLP needed a workplace that would reflect its core values of integrity, reliability, and quality in a modern yet classic environment. Having sought out a larger floor plate in its current building Aldwych House, Waterloo, Peachey & Co LLP turned to Peldon Rose to reconfigure their workplace where it’s employees can thrive.

Peachey & Co LLP recognised the opportunity to improve and modernise its way of working through the redesign of its workplace whilst evolving as a business. The new space moves away from the traditional legal office environment including private cellular offices and now introduces a collaborative approach encouraging employee interaction in an open plan setting.

Rich in history, modern in design

As you enter Peachey & Co LLP’s new workplace, clients are greeted by a smart, professional reception that is inviting. Wall panelling painted in Peachey & Co LLP brand colours adds character whilst retaining the traditional design. Similarly, the rich dark blue colour of the reception desk provides a two-tone focal point with a contrast between the dark blue and soft wooden backing. Above the desk pendant lighting adds a modern touch to the traditional setting.

The workspace has been transformed into an open-plan environment alongside a breakout area that encourages moments away from the desk. The previous formality of the office has been softened to create a space that is both professional and welcoming for employees and visitors alike.

Ensuring client privacy

Space has been optimised to create two meeting rooms away from the hubbub of the open-plan office, where client meetings can be held in total privacy. Given the nature of its business, having meeting rooms that were separate from the main office was an integral part of the brief. The rich history of Peachey & Co LLP can be seen throughout each of these rooms. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that have been fully stacked with law books to create a talking point, whilst glass manifestations offer an added level of privacy yet create a sense of openness, in a bright and light setting.

Investing in their people

With the ongoing competition for talent attraction and retention, Peachey & Co LLP recognised that a well-designed workplace has a role to play. By offering a modern working environment that also allows for a hybrid approach, Peachey & Co LLP can offer their employees and future employees an office space that they will want to work from.

The design celebrates Peachey & Co LLP’s traditional and family-oriented nature whilst ensuring that it is equipped with modern breakout facilities and technology to support new ways of working. To bring its teams together, a large breakout area provides seating for employees to socialise as well as allowing them to move away from their desks during the day for an informal catch-up.

Collaboration at all levels

From the very first meeting with Peachey & Co LLP, it was clear that close collaboration would be a key driver of success. With strong commercial management in place and clear communication, they were reassured from the beginning that there would be no surprises throughout the project journey. Weekly meetings helped to create a genuine partnership from project development to delivery.

We worked closely together to deliver a scheme that was representative of Peachey & Co LLP’s traditional values. What we’ve created is a space that combines the traditional elements of a law firm with a modern design that caters to the needs of a modernised workforce. We understood how important this change in office space and way of working was to their business and by working in close partnership we have successfully delivered an environment that has exceeded their expectations.

Jonathan Dawes, Head of SME
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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