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PARK NOW. A growing, tech-led business

  • 15,000 SQ FT

PARK NOW is an award-winning cashless parking app catering to both on- and off-street parking in more than 1,000 cities, servicing 22 million users every year. In the UK, PARK NOW operate under the RingGo brand.

As a growing and developing company, PARK NOW’s objectives are to attract and retain the best talent in the app and technology sector. To do this, the organisation knew it needed to provide the right environment for employees.

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A workplace design to attract and retain the best talent

Initially, PARK NOW conducted a workplace study to understand how an office space factors into the modern way of working. When combined with our expertise, the insights shaped the new workspace in Basingstoke.

PARK NOW were previously split across multiple industrial units, a set up that was not conducive to collaboration across the rapidly growing team. Crucially, the new space brings the whole organisation together on a single floor plate, and moving from a one-to-one static working format to an agile way of working has brought the brand identity into the physical layout of the office. With better use of flexible meeting rooms and access to informal meeting spaces for their regular morning team huddles and collaboration meetings, PARK NOW has created the best working space for its employees, boosting productivity and communication.

Despite the overarching need for openness and collaboration, Basingstoke is home to PARK NOW’s UK call centre, which required private space to discuss customer needs while ensuring that the team did not feel cut off from the wider organisation.

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A fun and diverse design

The new office layout had to bring people together whilst giving each team the space, privacy, and technology they required to operate efficiently, with the help of a beautiful building to work in. The office has been designed around a central collaboration hub that can hold all PARK NOW’s people for events and provides the flexibility to work in an agile manner.

Aesthetically the design is in line with PARK NOW’s brand identity; fun and diverse. The use of natural timbers and muted greys against a backdrop of vibrant blues and pinks sets the tone for a fun and sophisticated office - the use of fun lighting and planting also came into play to help liven the scheme up.

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Working in partnership with Gerald Eve

Peldon Rose worked closely with Gerald Eve Project Management who were appointed to advise and guide PARK NOW through compiling the tender and employers’ requirements, as well as fulfilling a project management, cost analysis, and contract administration role on the project. Additionally, Gerald Eve aided PARK NOW with the construction elements of the lease and Licence to Alter, as well as the dilapidations on their existing premises.

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Creating a client for life

Working with PARK NOW’s workplace consultancy report, we challenged the outputs and test fit plan and created additional opportunities that the building could provide. Our M&E expertise and installation improved performance by 100% and saved investment long term.

The design was on budget, and practical to the objectives of the business and needs of the employees. Our end-to-end offering, with in-house design, M&E, and furniture teams with a clear step by step process provided a connected experience, delivered during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Project Director, Martin Dean explains “Guiding the client through such a radical change to their working practices was a highlight of the project. We transformed PARK NOW from a static, old fashioned working environment to a modern and agile workspace with a great contemporary design in a new steel and glass building.”

“Working alongside junior designer Ellie Mumford, who flourished on this project, is a proud moment. Ellie joined Peldon Rose on our internship scheme, and recently began working with us full time following graduation.”

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"Working with partners who understand our vision is key"

Jörg Reimann, CEO of PARK NOW & CHARGE NOW

Jörg Reimann, CEO of PARK NOW & CHARGE NOW said: “As a company that is at the forefront of technical innovation in the mobility space, it is important to bring this vision to every part of our business, including where and how we work. As a company with collaboration and communication in its DNA, I believe this new, modern, flexible office space in the UK will encourage closer integration and foster continued innovation.

Working with partners who understand this vision is key. Peldon Rose took our brand and transformed it into a physical space with deep understanding of what our employees needed, turning it into a reality. I look forward to a time when our whole team can come together in this amazing space they have created.”

RingGo managing director Peter O’Driscoll said “Maplewood represents a new and exciting chapter in the history of RingGo, but it was important to not forget where we have come from and who we are. To ensure this, a key part of the process was our own workplace study, making sure we had a voice in how our new home was constructed.”

“Peldon Rose completely understood this, took our insights, and challenged us to understand what was really important to individuals, teams and the wider organisation. They were particularly helpful in ensuring we maximised our use of green space, a commodity that is vital to innovative thinking. We have grown at an exponential pace to become the market leader and needed offices that reflect both our position and future ambitions. That is exactly what Peldon Rose have helped us to create.”

“The space you work in is as important as opportunities to learn, grow and be fulfilled in a job, we know this now more than ever. So, when we began the process of designing the new office it was vital that we kept our employees top of mind in every decision,” said Natalie Schmulian, Human Resources Manager, RingGo. “What we have created with Peldon Rose is a space for creativity to flourish, team work to happen effortlessly and hard work to be recognised. We hope that all of our employees see the office as another part of the puzzle to help them, and ultimately the organisation, succeed.”

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Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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