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Urban loft chic for Osbourne & Partners

When Osborne & Partners relocated their office to Great Portland Street they wanted to create an office which oozed style and sophistication, complementing the 1930s architecture of the old BBC Radio Studios building. In addition, they wanted an office with an impressive front of house for clients and a flexible main office space that would allow them to grow. In the main open plan office space, we ensured it was flexible so they could accommodate extra people as they expanded their business. Our space plans demonstrated how they could double their head count and quickly reconfigure their office to accommodate new additions and create designated areas for specific teams.

  • Complement the design of the old BBC Radio Studios building
  • Create a stylish front of house and meeting spaces
  • Unite three businesses and celebrate brand heritage

“Our Construction Manager, Gabby, was always on site and he was lovely. He sorted everything out and was really helpful.”

Front of house with reception desk

Building upon the office's rich history

First impressions at Osborne & Partners’ London office needed to set the right tone for the business, so we incorporated the elegant architecture of the old BBC Radio Studios to enhance the front of house spaces. To maximise the flow of natural light through the space and create a striking design, Crittall-style glazing was fitted along the reception area, meeting rooms and executive office suite to mirror the glazing used on the exterior of the building and in the main building reception.

We introduced other period office design features from the 1950s and 1970s such as bespoke meeting room doors, display cabinets and selected fixtures and fittings. More modern design elements including Bolon flooring echo the golden hues of the wooden doors and cabinets that fill the office.

Creating a flexible office plan

In the main open plan office space, we ensured the design was flexible to accommodate extra people as required. Our space plans demonstrated how the business could double its head count and quickly reconfigure its office to accommodate new additions and create designated areas for specific teams. Our in-house furniture consultants were commissioned to provide a selection of additional pieces including storage units, workstations and a stylish sofa for the executive office.

Agile working desk space

Balancing private and communal spaces

One of Osborne & Partners’ main objectives was to create an office space to bring their three businesses together. To achieve this and ensure the necessary legal and privacy requirements were met, away from the front of house, we created one open plan office space and two separate self-sufficient glass partitioned offices with secure access.

The executive office suite provides a self-contained, private workspace with both formal and casual seating - perfect for entertaining clients and guests alike. Off the main reception area we installed two felt-lined acoustic pods to provide a discrete workspace, perfect for conference calls, private calls and quiet working.

Comfortable seating area for collaboration and meeting
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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