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Communicating Nord L/B's corporate identity

Making Connections

We’d worked with NORD/LB twice before, so we understood their business needs, their culture and their organisation as if they were our own. This time they needed a new London HQ that could support their core banking activities and fit seamlessly with their brand.

The first big challenge we had to overcome was how to create an infrastructure of services to support this large German bank. Our team benefited from knowing NORD/LB and by using this knowledge of our client, we designed a workspace that supported their business as well as their people.

The office shape perfectly suits NORD/LB but we had make the company identity shine through in the building design and we had to make their brand flow throughout the office. We gave the office space a crisp, uncluttered finish with brand-inspired motifs and used company colours as accents throughout. Coloured with deep blue graphics and pieces of furniture, the interior creates an impact without being overcomplicated. The textured walls provide points of interest to the office, giving depth and architectural interest.

Our workplace consultants looked at how to best use the space available to NORD/LB and delivered flexible meeting and training spaces, which were crucial for the way they work at NORD L/B. This new office space is totally focused on communicating their corporate identity and sense of high-end professionalism.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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