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Making a memorable impact for Nexus

  • 51- 200 Employees
  • 17,000 sq ft
  • Leadenhall
Project Team
Project Director
Martin Dean
Furniture Consultant
Marissa Rodrigues
Head of Pre Contracts
Ian Mackenzie
Chief Operating Officer
Alan Jamieson
Head of Design
Russell Glover

The vision was for the office to serve as a shop window for the business, designed to allow brokers access to the underwriters directly off the street. Not only did we want to achieve a visually stunning and advanced office design, we also understood the importance of the energetic culture at Nexus, and their need for the space to be able to support and develop their industry-leading talent.

Across the two floors, the office design fully embraces Nexus’ fun, hardworking and creative ethos. It was integral that the space not only attracted brokers and business partners, the space also needed to be a highly functional, cutting-edge office space. We needed to create a unique design that would challenge the traditional norms of the London Insurance market and help elevate the profile of Nexus Underwriting.

When we first met with Nexus, it was obvious that we needed to make an impact with this office design and make the space engage with people on the street. This space provides Nexus with an exciting workplace that showcases their business and acts as a tool for bringing in the best talent. The workspace also needed to provide an inviting, well equipped broker lounge that was away from the rest of the office.

Designing to create an impact

The office needed a bold and engaging feature to ensure people would notice the space and feel the impact of the office design, so we created a mezzanine level with a suspended meeting room and a new staircase connecting the two office floors. The tinted blue glazing on the meeting room creates a striking centrepiece to the office, hovering above a prestigious brokers lounge and client entertainment space, making it a memorable experience for visitors.

Seating and main staircase at Nexus Underwriting
Social space at Nexus Underwriting

This ground floor is the social hub of the office which gives their people a place to socialise away from the main office floor. The pool table and media wall embody the notion of a more collaborative, flexible office and somewhere that can be used to host clients and hold events for up to 250 people. Throughout the office, there is a lot of attention to detail and purposeful design which mirror the business values of precision and integrity. It was important that this office was a multi-purpose space which would give staff a bright, social environment but still offers areas for privacy.

Social space with people table at Nexus

We made the right decision in selecting Peldon Rose for our project.

Boardroom and meeting room at Nexus Underwriting

Architecturally-focused office design

We stripped the building back to shell and core, so we could revitalise the historic property with a Cat A refurbishment. The building at 52 Leadenhall Street had previously housed the London Metal Exchange and is filled with unique architectural characteristics. The eye-catching skylights are original features and have been integrated into the design to form central parts of the breakout spaces on both the ground and first floors.

Working in such an impressive and historic building meant we could design a space that went beyond the usual confines of an office space. The concepts were inspired by large gallery spaces, warehouses and industrial spaces and the high ceilings meant that we could create something bespoke and take a more architectural approach.

Boardroom at Nexus Underwriting

While we retained some of the inherent characteristics of the property, we also needed to make structural changes to the property to accommodate the concepts we wanted to achieve. These changes are most prevalent on the ground floor, where we installed a staircase and a mezzanine level that would connect the two floors. The result of the design is something totally unique to Nexus and helps them stand apart from their competition in their industry. A big focus was placed on achieving a memorable space and our understanding of the client brief enabled us to challenge expectations for this type of office space.

Following the office design and fit out of Nexus’ striking new workspace, our office maintenance team was awarded maintenance contracts to ensure their building services continued to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Tea point and social space at Nexus
A selection of seating at Nexus Underwriting
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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