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Inspiring and energising M&C Saatchi's workspace

Having already completed multiple projects for M&C Saatchi in London, their Sport & Entertainment business asked Peldon Rose to design an office which better reflected the creative nature of their business and would impress their clients.

After conducting an occupancy analysis, which highlighted under-utilised workstations, M&C Saatchi wanted to introduce new ways of working by adopting smart working. This helped reduce their space requirements and overheads. With their new office, staff identified as primarily office based have been allocated a fixed workstation, whilst more transient workers have now embraced smart working and can select from seven collaboration points or a plug-and-play workstation.

Through the intelligent selection of furniture and creative design, the new office design has become a more inspirational and energetic space. Each of the collaboration points offer agile workers something quite different. There are stand up high tables ideal for shorter collaboration meetings and for perching and working on mobile stools. There are also more informal smart working areas, featuring soft furnishings and modular sofa systems. These lower seated areas include inbuilt power, data and USB fast charge sockets for staff who want a base for longer time periods.

This office fit-out was heavily focused on a clever use of furniture and the furniture team at Peldon Rose created a more informal and inclusive workspace with an intelligent use of furniture to create distinct working zones. Some of these zones were signposted with distinctive red feature lightshades. To ensure we created a positive working culture, where people weren’t blocked off from other parts of the offices, we installed hanging algae from the ceiling which provides some privacy but doesn’t create a physical barrier.

When clients now visit their offices, staff can choose from their main meeting room for more formal meetings or the Chesterfield sofa area for more informal conversations. M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment now have a workplace which better utilises space, better serves the needs of their staff and one is somewhere they are proud to show off to their clients.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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