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A ready-to-work space for International Pensions Fund

Having recently invested in a portfolio of properties, this international pension fund partnered with Peldon Rose to transform the space at 10 Dean Farrah Street, into a ready-to-work, modern office space that would quickly attract potential tenants. Located in Westminster in central London, the space makes for an attractive offering, with optimal transport links and easy access to anywhere in the city.

The brief was clear; to create an attractive, open-plan office space that would appeal to a variety of potential tenants. With many businesses now preparing to return to the office, the project provides the perfect opportunity for the client to let the property to a business looking for a flexible and collaborative, ready-to-work space.

Creating a warm, welcoming open plan space within the heart of London

Upon entering the space, tenants are greeted by a welcoming and open reception space, with soft furnishings, wooden furniture and planting incorporated throughout. The use of soft grey within the design creates a calming presence as well as a place for either a quiet chat or equally, a polished and professional waiting area for visitors. The sought after central London location of 10 Dean Farrah Street has been incorporated into the design with a striking ‘No 10’ wall vinyl embedded into the frosted glass, separating the area from the rest of the office space.

With a 4,819 sq ft floorplate, the design maximises all the space available to really sell the office to any prospective tenants. To make the most of the floor space, two meeting rooms and the boardroom have been tucked neatly along the left-hand side of the office. Soft, bench style seating has been placed on the edge of the boardroom, converting the space into a multifunctional one that allows for larger internal or external meetings. Wide windows and glass walling , flood the office with natural light throughout, to create an airy, open space.

A destination to drive collaborative thinking

One essential element of the design brief, as well as for any ready-to-work office, is collaborative space. Even more so now that businesses are needing to reunite employees after a long period of home working. Woven throughout the office, areas have been created to encourage employees to break away from desk spaces and work alongside colleagues in a more collaborative style. Long tables with bench style seating are divided from other areas of the office by timber slats that have cleverly been used to build a collaborative, yet private environment. The AV system has been intricately integrated into the slats preventing visible cabling, creating a smart, agile space with the technology to match. High booths have been added to the space to allow for quiet working or for smaller meetings.

A space to build social capital

Peldon Rose has now created areas for teams to congregate, whether for social gatherings or team meetings. The newly designed breakout space and tea point allow for this through banquet style seating as well as an impressive Corian® topped island and work surfaces with high chairs. This space brings people together and helps to build upon any social capital that may have been lost over the past year. Colleagues can enjoy those spontaneous interactions or ‘water cooler’ moments, foster friendships or learn from each other without being confined to a desk or a meeting room.

Creating a high quality ready-to-work space

A standout objective for the client was ensuring that wellbeing played a crucial role throughout the design. The landscape of the office means that the majority of the floor space is flooded with natural light, which can help to boost wellbeing as well as concentration and productivity levels. Principles of biophilic design have been built into the design with additional tall potted plants and foliage, aimed at improving wellbeing and boosting productivity levels.

The Peldon Rose design team have brought to life an open plan office space, that balances a variety of working styles. Working closely alongside the furniture team, high seated booths, which have been acoustically designed to minimise noise and provide privacy, have been added to the space. Feature lighting, such as the pendants above the island in the breakout space, soften the design bringing in a homely element. The darker furnishings and walls contrast with the softness of the wooden flooring and light cabinets. High-end finishes within the tea point not only look impressive, but are built to last and minimise everyday wear and tear.

Working in partnership on an international scale

With the client based internationally, Peldon Rose worked closely with Daniel Connal Partnership and Kinney Green to ensure a smooth delivery, all while facing the challenges presented by Covid-19. There was no room for variations and with a tight delivery timeframe, it was important for the stakeholder teams to stay well connected through constant communication. Close relationships with all parties involved have been formed and strengthened throughout the journey from concept to delivery.

“The successful partnership with Daniel Connal and Kinney Green meant that the project was delivered with no variations and on time. This combined with the high-end design package created by our standout design team, meant that we were able to create a truly remarkable office space for any prospective tenants.”

Jonathan Dawes, Head of SME
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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