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A minimalist home for Hiber

Hiber is a start-up business in the home energy sector. Having outgrown their co-working space, they decided to relocate to Imperial House on the Kingsway, right in the heart of London. This office relocation was the perfect opportunity to further establish their brand and design an office they could call home. It was important to create an environment that felt homely, so we focused on using comfortable domestic furniture and organic elements like natural lighting and plants that inspired a relaxed atmosphere in the new office.

Their new office design maximises their 3,100 sq ft office as we focused on using the available natural light to uplift each room and create a bright and fresh atmosphere. The layout features small pockets of space, providing staff with an agile work environment which focuses on multi-functionality and comfort. Our office furniture team provided the mid-century style furnishings help to create a chic residential office design which makes the space feel more like a living room than an office. The different types of informal seating serve as both meeting and breakout areas, with functionality to operate as an all hands for wider company meetings.

Soft furnishings in Hiber's front of house waiting area
Wooden table in Hiber's bright tea point
Suspended lighting over a large collaboration table
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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