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An adventurous and meaningful office interior design for Go City

  • 6,674 SQ FT
  • Office relocation & Cat B fit out
  • Covent Garden
Project team

Go City is an attraction pass company that helps people have their best city break. Offering passes in 30+ cities worldwide, the company helps travellers access the best experiences in the world's top cities, all on one pass for one price. An easy-to-use app unlocks access to dozens of attractions in each destination, from the iconic sights to the hidden gems that make a city special.

Peldon Rose has designed a new London office and HQ for Go City which elevates the everyday experience for its people. The 6,674 sq ft workplace is a true destination and has been designed to reflect the company’s adventurous and caring culture, its colourful branding, and to help inspire the company's London-based team and global visitors.

View gallery The image shows two meeting booths and tables in a bright office
View gallery The image shows an office tea point area with colourful flooring, a breakfast bar with stools and sinks, and pendant lighting
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The image shows a meeting room with artwork for cities around the world, and an open-plan desking beyond

Warehouse meets workspace at Grainhouse

Go City relocated to the first floor of Grainhouse, a refurbished warehouse now offering world-class office space, right in the heart of Covent Garden. The building is rich in amenities and experiences, including a state-of-the-art cycle storage room, and a landscaped roof garden. Grainhouse is striving for the highest levels of certification in both BREEAM and WELL. These sustainability schemes uphold standards in the built environment and define Grainhouse as a workplace of the future. Go City chose Grainhouse specifically to emphasise its commitment to the health and wellbeing of its people, and the planet.

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Culture to inspire

Employees pin memories of their own personal travels and team photographs on their corkboard culture wall

View gallery The image shows a cafeteria table, chairs and banquette seating, integrated with greenery and office plants and a colourful floor
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Establishing a strong brand identity

A hive of company culture and prosperity, brand identity permeates the arrival area. A large feature wall printed with the Go City logo, and the city scape of London at dusk, welcomes visitors and employees. Visitors are encouraged to embrace the arrival experience and dwell in a series of large, comfortable armchairs while enjoying a coffee or hot drink. Much of Go City’s furniture was reused in the new office to avoid unnecessary waste, and these armchairs are a perfect example of how good design is timeless and fits into any space.

We’ve created a really special space in this historical building which feels modern and unique to Go City! Personalised with our brand palette, travel themed artwork and lush plants, it's a special environment for our colleagues to be at their best.

Katherine Logan, Chief People Officer at Go City
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Workplace agility

Employees can choose how they wish to work and rest in the multi-functional teapoint area, ultimately benefitting productivity

Follow the light

A prominent feature, and asset, in Go City’s new office is its many large windows, a relic of Grainhouse’s history as a working mill in the early 1900s. To make the most of this feature for employees, the open-plan desk area is arranged where there is the most natural light, in a space where two entire walls are devoted to high windows. The space is further brightened with plants at the end of each row of desks, and semi-enclosed joinery touchdown booths with bright green bench seating, to inspire a collaborative approach to work. Next to these booths, a giant corkboard features as a culture wall, where employees pin memories of their own personal travels and team photographs. It’s a nod to what the business does best – inspiring travellers to get out in the world, plan an adventure, and make memories.

For zoom calls or company meetings, a suite of meeting rooms can be found dotted throughout the space. These are equipped with the highest spec AV technology, magnetic white boards, and a naming system unique to Go City – each room is named after one of the cities where the company operates.

View gallery The image shows two meeting rooms with graphic manifestations on the glass
View gallery The image shows a boardroom with acoustic ceiling panels, an exposed brick wall, and views of the open-plan office beyond

Creating a hub of work and play

While the majority of office desking is allocated toward the best spot for natural daylight, adjacent to windows, the tea point is situated towards the centre of the floorplate to form the beating heart of the workplace. The space is distinguished from the rest of the office by high-backed banquette seating with climbing plants and dazzling globe-like pendant lights. Colourful geometric tiling aligns with the secondary hues of Go City’s brand colours. Numerous table and chair options surrounding a large central island with a built-in water station, make this a great spot for team lunches, solo working, or townhall meetings.

We're amazed at how our vision for this space came to life, and are so excited to finally see our team buzzing in the new office. It's the perfect space for us, and I'm excited about the great things we'll accomplish here. Thank you to the Peldon Rose team!

Katherine Logan, Chief People Officer at Go City
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The image shows large spherical lights surrounding by indoor hanging plants

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Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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