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A space to reflect Fieldglass' personality

  • Office Design
  • 2,000 sq ft
  • Technology
Project Team

Reflecting contemporary design

Global software company Fieldglass wanted us to reflect the company’s personality in every inch of the space. The office design needed to represent a 'born cloud' company. Innovation is at the heart of Fieldglass and we wanted to deliver an office space that could support their ambitions.

With corporate headquarters in Chicago, we had to manage the partnership in a slightly different way. This posed a challenge to our team but for this project to be a success, our team ensured that they used a variety of different communication methods to keep the client updated with the latest developments.

The challenge was creating a convincing relationship between the building’s existing finishes and the contemporary, loft-style living our client wanted. The existing finishes were already strong and tactile, so we drew inspiration from the geometric shapes and used both natural and engineered materials like stone, steel, timber and glass. Meeting rooms became hexagonal with steel doors, wooden floors and floor-to-ceiling glass panes. These room designs, coupled with sections of exposed stone wall, gave the space a trendy industrial look with a Chicago loft-living edge.

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A white boardroom table with black seats in the centre of an open plan space with meeting rooms on the right.

Smart working spaces

To allow for future growth, we made the office layout versatile with bespoke furniture dotted between private, sound-proofed booths that our client could use for meetings. When designing the office space for Fieldglass, we wanted to create an uncomplicated and positive space with clean lines. By incorporating a smart working environment into their office, staff have more flexibility and freedom to work where they choose. A variety of seating areas, meeting rooms and private spaces are located throughout the spacious office.

With a coffee machine at the centre of the office and personal storage units placed throughout the workplace, staff are fully equipped to work successfully in the smart working environment. By offering staff essential places to socialise with colleagues and store their belongings, the office becomes a place where staff can achieve success and be positive towards their work.

View gallery Black metal lockers located in the centre of an open office area with a fabric pod on the right and white desk spaces on the opposite side of the room
View gallery A light blue single seat pod with a white square bookcase to the left and a grey wood effect front desk on the opposite side
View gallery A large rectangular light wood finished desk in the centre of a white workspace with black chairs and monitors
View gallery A light blue single seater pod backs up to a dark brown wood impression wall on the left, with two white tables and chairs and two green fern style plants on the right
View gallery a light grey fabric wall panel with red accents separating a two-person meeting room and white desks with black chairs and monitors
View gallery a hallway designed with dark wooden finished walls two steel metal doors on the left and right and a glass door in the centre that leads to a meeting room
View gallery A white street sign fixed to a dark wooden finished wall with low handing mental lighting
View gallery A white table and benches in front of a mounted TV screen with a white board wall and a grey fabric pod to the left
View gallery Metal kitchen on the left with a glass partition on the right to an open plan walk way and desk space
View gallery A light wooden finished boardroom table with black and grey chairs in the centre of dark wooden and grey wooden impression walls
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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