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A versatile workspace for FIA

  • 3,600 sq ft

FIA had outgrown their previous office in London and needed a larger, more modern space that better supported their business ambitions and plans for growth. They wanted to be in a prestigious location close to their members that would enhance their reputation as the principal association for listed derivatives. Relocating their office to One Canada Square has given FIA a new home that reinforces their professionalism and company identity.

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Boardroom with a glass wall and a dark wooden rectangle table

One of the most important requirements of the new office design was to have more space to hold private group meetings with members and conference calls with their global offices. The new office has enabled FIA to more easily accommodate their members and clients. Previously, FIA has been dependent on third-party, off-site venues with less flexibility than the new space, which delivers an immersive brand experience.

With adaptable meeting spaces, FIA are now able to make full use of their workspace to make it a more professional environment so that employees and clients can have privacy in the office when holding meetings or making phone calls. These adaptable, versatile spaces make sure that FIA employees are comfortable at work and have the right facilities surrounding them to support the work they do.

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two white desks in a small white office with natural light

Canary Wharf office relocation

FIA wanted to relocate the office so they could have a more spacious working environment but they also needed to find a more adequate location that supported their brand identity within their sector. Their new office, based in Canary Wharf, puts them at the heart of London’s financial district, contributing to their business growth. Their office now represents FIA in every way: the design of the furniture, the open plan office and the boardroom space support the most important aspects of the business.

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A white kitchen space with a green backsplash

The office has been designed to maximise natural light in the space as well as provide employees with an increased level of privacy. Since moving to their new space, the employees have responded well to the new offices and the new layout has made it a more comfortable place to work. The break out space and tea point gives employees a place to relax away from their desks and enjoy refreshments, all while admiring the view of course.

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View gallery Meeting room with a partitioned wall and a small dark wooden table and chairs

Versatile office meeting space

Our office design incorporates the existing features of the building to create a bright and open space for employees. We uplifted the office by integrating the corporate colours, distinctive light fixtures and new furniture from our in-house furniture team to provide a comfortable workspace that evokes a professional brand identity. The boardroom has been designed to make the space multi-functional so that FIA are able to hold large group meetings and use the space as an in-house training area. To maximise the functionality of the boardroom, we installed Flip Top tables which allows the room to be used for different sized meetings, training sessions and video conferencing.

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Meeting space equipped with a TV and dark wooden table and chairs

We installed folding partitions between two of the meeting rooms so that it can be opened up for larger gatherings, removing the space limitations that restrict the usability of their office. This new functionality and meeting space gives the company a more professional brand image and a platform that enables them to proudly show off their office.

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white workstations and a feature wall in an open office space
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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