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Carving out Fetch's identity

Carving an identity

The young and innovative Fetch wanted to carve their own space into the iconic Tea Building in Shoreditch. They needed the ‘wow’ factor, with a design that balanced the existing feel of the building with Fetch’s young, fresh outlook on social media.

We knew the office design needed to be original and use space to its full potential. After presenting a few different options, we collaborated closely with our client to arrive at a final design. Raw, industrial materials, exposed services, the perfect finishes – all of these contributed to a space that really felt made just for Fetch. We helped them choose the right furniture for their multi-use areas with furniture tours. Where it was possible, we were able to reuse some of the existing furniture.

Fetch are an energetic and youthful brand that needed an office that showed off exactly that. Table football, table tennis and gaming zones were installed to match the buzzing office environment. By offering staff a chance to relax with games, staff can recharge by socialising and taking a break from work.

One of the key additions we introduced to the space was brand colours and brand identity. Installing a bright neon logo in the boardroom as well as other colourful logos around the office, brought Fetch’s brand to the forefront of the office. Unique comic-style artwork lines the walls to again reinforce the brand image that Fetch want to portray.

Dynamic seating arrangements fill the office space to allow for meeting spaces that suit short catch ups or longer more formal interactions. Some of these bench areas were used in the interior to promote a collaborative environment and encourage staff to work together.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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