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A vibrant community space for Fetch

Our first experience of working in the iconic Tea Building in the heart of Shoreditch came nearly 5 years ago. Having previously fitted out Fetch’s office, we returned to remodel their existing space and created an office that represented the most important asset to the exciting digital advertising agency; their people.

This office refurbishment focuses on creating a comfortable and positive experience to ensure that employees and visiting clients enjoy being in the office. As soon as you enter the space, you are immersed in the vibrant energy of Fetch.

The central community space is at the centre of the office and provides a dynamic co-working space for staff to be social and collaborate as well as a reception, meeting spaces and a large kitchen space. In keeping with the industrial chic of the Tea Building, we retained a stripped back design to give people a variety of work spaces to choose from. As you enter the office, reception creates an impact which immediately showcases Fetch’s working culture. The exposed services and the industrial chic of the inherent features of the property initiates the trendy vibe that you would expect from a Shoreditch-based digital agency.

The Tea Building

For all the quirky design features and interesting architectural elements the Tea Building possesses, the one difficulty we had to overcome was navigation to the office. The industrial building is notoriously hard to navigate, so Keith Haring-inspired pink neon artwork now draws people to the office acting as a vital way-finding device for visitors. To overcome the acoustic challenges, we created bespoke acoustic panels to ensure that the main meeting rooms are not impacted by noise or interference. Our knowledge of the building helped us to create an office refurbishment that considers the impact of the environment on the office design.

Fetch's all new front of house
Comfortable seating in Fetch's new waiting area

Creating a community

At the heart of the office space is the central hub which includes reception, meeting rooms and a kitchen. Bringing these features together into one space forms a natural focal point that unites the office and serves as a multi-functional space, supporting the different aspects of the business. The office design is inspired by the creativity of the location, we translated the vibe of East London into the office and created a co-working area in the middle of the workspace. This community hub is an organic, people-centric space that relaxes staff and allows for agile working so staff can work anywhere in the space. We worked closely with the client to reuse as much furniture as possible to create a comfortable environment and create designated areas for staff to concentrate and create in multi-purpose spaces.

Interior of Fetch's large boardroom

Highlighting the company culture

In keeping with the rustic charm of the building, we carefully considered the creative features we installed and focused on enhancing the company culture with unique, organic finishes. Hand-poured David Samuel posters inject a vibrant, edgy look to the central space and completes the immersive brand experience at Fetch. Reclaimed pallet walls and a secret bar add an element of surprise to the space, using organic features to stay true to the creativity of the location and property. One of the meeting rooms is finished with a table tennis table and astro-turf floor and a pink neon ‘F’ illuminates the room which ties everything together into their all-important brand identity.

Graphic featuring wallpaper for Fetch's workplace
Graphic of a London map for Fetch
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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