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The science behind Endomag's inspiring HQ

  • 21,000 sq ft
  • Medical Technology
  • Cambridge

Closing the care gap is a huge priority for the cancer care sector, so much so that the Union for International Cancer Control made it the big focus for this year’s World Cancer Day in February. The sobering reality is that cancer care and prognosis can differ hugely depending on who you are and where you live. Therefore, it’s vital that both government and healthcare specialists work together to help level the playing field.

One healthcare company doing just that is Endomag, which strives to offer better cancer care to patients around the world. It develops technology to help people diagnosed with breast cancer avoid unnecessary surgery, and offers better outcomes when surgery is needed. To support this, Endomag wanted to create an inspiring, innovative and collaborative new space to help its people continue to grow, so it turned to office design and build company Peldon Rose.

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endomag breakout social space

Situated within a hub of innovation, Endomag’s ground-breaking work takes place in the prestigious Cambridge Science Park, alongside other pioneers of technological discovery. The healthcare technology company wanted to future-proof its workplace, and also extend its lab space to offer state-of-the-art research facilities. This was further amplified through the pandemic with increased demand for wire-free, non-radioactive cancer treatment. Endomag wanted to encourage its people to come back together, while continuing to create pioneering solutions for people diagnosed with cancer.

Tash Hewlett, Project Designer at Peldon Rose said: “Endomag approached us to bring a fresh pair of eyes to the project and considered us a valuable partner. There was a mutual understanding of trust and transparency and we thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with them to bring the company’s vision to life.”

“We wanted to create a workspace that encouraged Endomag employees back to the office and continue their vital work. It needed to be somewhere they were proud to work in, and somewhere that allowed for evolving working styles. We showed Endomag how to make the most of what they had, which lead to the creation of multipurpose spaces with flexible furniture to suit both concentrated work and more social activities.”

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endomag living wall

A state-of-the-art space

The majority of Endomag’s work centres around its lab, so this was an integral element of the design brief. In a first for Peldon Rose, the team extended the existing, medical-grade lab to include state-of-the-art equipment. As with any medical-grade research facility, all areas of the lab are antistatic and magnetic, with antibacterial surfaces and decontamination benches, meaning that this part of the project required extra detail and care from both the design and build teams.

Another unique addition to the space was the film studio. Endomag creates regular bespoke pieces of video content and podcasts, so the team needed a specialised production space to deliver this. Peldon Rose created the studio using folding glass partitions, so when closed, the space is sound-proofed, but when opened up it offers additional lounge seating where people can gather freely. The versatile space is ideal for welcoming and meeting with clients

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Endomag’s previous office space housed around 30 fixed single desks. Recognising how working habits have evolved, Endomag wanted to encourage a more agile and collaborative working style in the new office, so the design encourages activity-based working.

Tash Hewlett, Project Designer at Peldon Rose added: “A key consideration was freeing up more space, so we needed to be smart in terms of how we maximised the area. Acoustics have been improved with new ceiling rafts and we created working ‘neighborhoods’, where the teams can work together in dedicated spaces as opposed to set desks. They are cleverly segmented, with rows of potted plants and lockers to differentiate between areas. Stackable furniture gives staff the flexibility to switch up the use of space as required.”

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The way meeting spaces were used was rethought by Peldon Rose, with the ground floor being transformed into an open workspace, while the first floor is a network of lounge seating alongside more formal meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Tash Hewlett continued: “When it came to furniture, quality was the focus for Endomag, we selected design-led pieces made from materials that will stand the test of time. For the reception area, we created two bespoke biophilic living walls made from moss which create wonderful feature backdrops.”

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endomag kitchen space
“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Peldon Rose; it was such an exciting project and it was good to take our amazing journey of growth with a professional company like Peldon Rose. Endomag wanted to create a workplace for our employees, that is to be a real destination for engagement, with options for different types of workspaces and collaboration zones and I think we have successfully done that. It is an office that we are very proud of, and the workplace meets our requirements of today and is future-proofed to suit the Endomag of tomorrow."
Karoline Sparkes, Office Manager
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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